15 Tips To Reduce Your Electric Bill


An average person spends half of their income paying off electric bills. Every house and family has different requirements. An average family is likely to have a fridge, TV, Washing machine, and other home appliances. Likewise, if we look at a modern family here, we can find appliances like microwave, dishwasher, air condition, heater, coffee maker, etc.

A larger number of people living in a house consume more electricity. A larger space needs more lighting, a cool atmosphere in the summer season, warm in the winter season. These factors add a lot to your electric bill.

We have collected some tips for you to reduce your electricity bill. Practicing these in your daily routine will make a responsible habit. Following this tip, you may feel a little burden left off your shoulders, and you can save some money in your fesco, sepco, iesco, or mepco online bill.

Adjust your fridge temperature

Raising your fridge temperature to some degree won’t affect the cooling power. It will keep your food as fresh as it was before. By doing this, you can avoid excessive cooling, and maintaining its temperature will save you lots of costs. The food section of your refrigerator required 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the freezer section can be set from zero to negative five degrees Fahrenheit.

Unplug Appliances

In our daily routine, we forgot to unplug Appliances like coffee makers, phone chargers, juicers, and other plugin machines. The part of the plugin caused the addition to energy consumption. While leaving home, make sure to unplug, or you can add on the appliances plug at a similar extension and, when not needed, turn it off.

Purchase Energy-Efficient appliances

If you are looking to purchase a new appliance for your home, consider those who save energy. The technology has provided energy-efficient models to save thousands from your yearly income. Such products are easily available in the market, although they need little research.

Seal your doors and windows

The leakage or space in the doors and windows reduces the cold in the room. The best way to save it is by sealing your door and windows so the coolness remains inside. A leakage may cause you a high rate of amount on your bill.

Take short Showers

Heating water for a long time and draining is the wastage of electricity and water. Trim your shower to 3 – 4 minutes, which will help you to reduce the electric bill.

Install dimmer switches

Depending on your needs, you can play around with a dimmer to set the lighting. Dimmers help you decrease the brightness level and work efficiently for your mood. Also, it saves energy and may reduce slight units to your electric bill.

Turn off unnecessary lights

We tend to forget to turn off unnecessary lights, which increases the electric units unnoticeably. We can avoid such things by turning off lights when leaving the room, or if we find any unwanted light or extra lights are on, we can turn them off. We can adapt this routine by practicing it in daily life.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are excellent at their job. They can cool the atmosphere in a few seconds. Ceiling fans are less power consumption than air conditions. However, the ceiling fan distributes the air equally in the room. They play an important part to make the atmosphere calm.

Use natural light

During the morning, consuming daylight is efficient. Open your windows to absorb natural light. In such a way, you can save your extra lights. Also, during winters, let the sun rays come into your rooms. It will heat up the room without any usage of the heater. While at night temperature gets down, for staying warm close all possible way of passing air will keep a mild temperature to your home.

Use LED lights

The bulbs in your house may cause you extra but switching to LED lights is some relax to your pocket. Many families prefer LED light over bulbs. This includes a cost-effective, stylish look and is more efficient than the normal bulb.

Lessen water usage

If the tap is dripping or unintentionally consuming water in a lot of quantity, it is better to take care. You can minimize the water usage by quick showers, using the exact amount required when cooking, turning off the tap when shaving, teeth brushing. Hence a little attention to small things will save energy.

Usage of smart meter

Smart meters may help you to track your energy consumption. You can track how much energy you are utilizing and how you can save it in your day-to-day routine. It is a great way to look out for energy usage.

Automate appliances with smart assistants

If you are in a hurry and forget to turn off the device, automated assistance is here to help you out. It will detect the appliances which are on rest condition. It will automatically turn them off. Also, by connecting some devices to your smartphone, you can easily access them anywhere.

Air dryer clothes

Air dryer is one of the oldest traditional methods for drying clothes. You can spread your wet clothes in an open space to let them dry. Additionally, sun rays help reduce bacteria on clothes. It will add a fresh fragrance. Comparison to dry machine natural air dryer is an efficient and cost-saving method.

Set your computer to sleep

If you are working from home or even outside, power savage is a good deed. If you use computers or laptops while taking a break, it is better to turn your laptop or computer sleep mode. It will reduce power consumption.


Saving energy is very important. It has many productive reasons. The first it helps to reduce the power usage which is efficient for the environment. Less power consumption not only reduces your electric bill but will keep the environment clean. Always remember saving energy is saving the environment. We have written down these tips for you, and adapting these changes in your routine brings positive change in your life.


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