15 Most Amazing Points about MBBS in Philippines

mbbs in philippines
  1. Economic Education Cost

MBBS in Philippines is getting more recognition since each passing year since the last couple of decades and the reason behind that is the economic education cost in the country along with a variety of options available for the students in terms of medical universities from which the students can choose.

  1. Highly Recommended to Choose a University of Abroad

If an Indian student is not able to get an admission in any of the government medical colleges of India, then it is highly recommended to choose a university of abroad instead of trying to enroll in private medical colleges of India as they would charge extremely high fees along with donation and capitation fees and also the number of students in one class would be very high in numbers.

  1. Donation or Capitation Fees

If a student chooses to study MBBS in the Philippines, not only they would not have to pay any kind of donation or capitation fees.

  1. Cost of Education Is Very Low

Also, they get to study in a world-class university where the cost of education would be low and the student-teacher ratio in each class is decent which gives enough scope for the students to learn and understand the course properly.

  1. Limited Budget for Studying Medical Courses

Those students who have a limited budget for studying medical courses can easily consider studying in the country.

  1. Living Standards of the Philippines are Excellent

The living standards of the Philippines are excellent and the students get their money worth if they get admission to any medical university of the Philippines which is recognized by the Medical Council of India.

  1. Citizens of Philippines Understand and Speak English

Also, it is very easy for the students to study and travel in the country as the majority of the citizens of Philippines understand and speak English and job becomes easier for the students while talking to local citizens.

  1. Global Value and Recognition

Another reason why the students choose to study MBBS in abroad is that the medical colleges of abroad have more global value and recognition in comparison to the medical colleges of India.

  1. Eligible to Practice Their Medical Degree in Several Countries

A student becomes eligible to practice their medical degree in several countries abroad after completion of the course from the Philippines as the medical universities of the Philippines have global acceptance.

  1. Flight Charges between India and the Philippines are Very Low

The flight time and the flight charges between India and the Philippines are very low which again allows the students to save money in traveling charges whenever they travel back to India during their course.

  1. Very Friendly and Helpful

The Philippines is a country that is a mix of many different cultures and because of that, the citizens of the Philippines are very friendly and helpful.

  1. Opportunity to Travel New Places

So if a student loves to travel, he or she can easily do that in the country without worrying about going to new places and talking to the citizens for any help if needed.

  1. Cracking and Clearing Exams

Philippines universities follow and teach the US (United State) based medical program to the students and consequently it gives the student a better chance to easily crack the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) in comparison to cracking and clearing exams of other countries.

  1. Practice Their Medical Degree in Any Country

So, if a student is looking to practice their medical degree in a developed country like the US, then they should definitely consider studying in the Philippines.

  1. Excellent Resources and Teaching Facilities

In conclusion, studying in the Philippines not only gives the students a chance to have a broader vision but also gives them a chance to learn about a new country with excellent resources and teaching facilities.


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