If you just started your business on Amazon, you must be in a confusing phrase like ‘what to do and where to start’- Amazon consultant can help. As a new Amazon player, everything may seem challenging to you, and despite doing complete market research, you may still find it hard to run your Amazon store.

Don’t Worry!

You’re not alone.

What you are facing is normal.

Even experienced sellers sometimes face challenges navigating through Amazon and improvising conversion rates. Hence, you need to have Amazon Management and consultancy services.

Amazon consultants are well-experienced professionals who guide you in selling on Amazon and help you stay ahead in the competition. They offer multiple services that include Amazon store SEO, Amazon product optimization, product listing, image editing, and Amazon PPC Services.

Amazon is a shopping hub, and thus you need to take maximum advantage of Amazon’s audience to grow your eCommerce business.

That means,

Hiring Amazon virtual assistants or a reliable Amazon marketing agency can help you in your business growth.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss 15 aspects you should look for in an Amazon virtual assistant.

15 Key Aspects of Amazon Consulting Services

  •  Look for an expert.

The foremost thing you should look for in an Amazon consultant is his/her expertise. Amazon is different from other search engines and has a unique A9 Algorithm.

When a shopper searches for a particular product on Amazon, its algorithm considers several aspects and how pertinent it is to the user before giving it a rank. That means to rank high on Amazon; your product listing should be well optimized. Hence, you need an expert who knows and understands each ranking factor and gives your products maximum exposure to the Amazon search results.


  • A perfectionist in Amazon SEO tools

When we talk about Amazon SEO, your consultant must know how it works and how to utilize it. To be sure, you can ask them how much they know about tools and how they will use them. Here are some tools you can ask them to use:

  • SellerMetrics
  • Sellic,
  • JungleScout
  • MerchantWords, etc.


  • An assistant who expert in Amazon consultancy

Besides having expertise in Amazon SEO, Amazon virtual assistants should know how to review and improve your eCommerce store. They will check and examine several aspects of your store, such as store layout, product images, product listing, and content, to enhance brand awareness.

After analyzing your store throughout, they must investigate your competitors’ storefronts. It will help create an analysis and provide guidance. A virtual consultant who helps redesign your store and increase brand awareness is a must to look for.


  • An Expert who know the Importance of Amazon product optimization

You need your product listings to be well optimized to rank higher on Amazon. A consultant who knows product listing optimization correctly helps you improve your sales conversion rate. They will perform an analysis on your market, competitors, and product listing. They’ll then work on your project and improve your product listings, product description, targeted keywords, product image, product title, and key features.


  • An Amazon consultant should know the importance of positive reviews.

You should know that a positive or negative store review can affect the buying decision of your customers. Generally, customers buy those products that have positive reviews and can live up to expectations. This shows that positive product reviews are one of the ranking factors on Amazon search results!

So, if you wish to rank high on Amazon and magnetize your customers, you need to have good product reviews. And for that, your Amazon consultant should get you verified reviews, as this will help you in your ranking.


  • An Amazon consultant should know how to deal with negative feedback.

The opposite of positive feedback is negative feedback. Negative feedback from your customers significantly affects your eCommerce store because it will stop your customers from buying you. But, having negative product feedback is not the end because you can easily remove it.

Now the question is: How?

The customer itself will remove it.

This is when Amazon management and consultancy services come in. Outsourcing will help you get experts who manage product feedback with their tips and tricks.


  • One who must follow the rules

While doing Amazon business, you always want to keep yourself on the right track of the law. This means you have to conduct your business by following all the guidelines set by Amazon.

If you do not conduct your activities by following set guidelines, Amazon will catch you, and they may permanently restrict your account, and you may end up in court. Hence, your Amazon consultant should be aware of Amazon’s guidelines.


  • An Amazon consultant should know about 1P and 3P Selling.

Amazon consultants must know the difference between 1P and 3P Selling. If his concept is not clear, you should look for another one.

When the difference is apparent between the two will help you choose the right option for your business. Having an expert who will tell you the difference between the two and their pros and cons is a quality of an ideal consultant.


Here is the difference between the two:

1P Selling – In 1P selling, you sell wholesale items to Amazon and are considered a first-party seller, and Amazon further sells your product to its customers. In this case, you will be using the Vendor Central interface.

3P Selling – In 3P selling, you use Amazon’s platform to sell your products and are considered a third-party seller. In this case, you will be using the Seller Central interface.


  • An Amazon consultant who help you with inventory management

Your inventory is the pillar of your eCommerce business. It won’t give you money if you don’t put it in front and keep it inside a warehouse for months. Similarly, if you have less stock, it won’t help you sell anything to your customers.

Inventory management is another crucial aspect of being an Amazon virtual assistant. Hence, your consultant should know all aspects of inventory management and inform you of a strategy you can use.


  •  An Amazon consultant must know about reprising strategies.

When you are at the initial stage of your business, the process of pricing your products seems complicated. An ideal consultant should help you with this. They can help you with different repricing strategies.


  •  An Amazon consultant who is the best in customer support services

Your customers are your business savior. No business can expand without them. That is the reason why customer support service is crucial. Your virtual assistant should be someone who puts the best interests in your business and, of course, in your customers. Moreover, customer service is an excellent way to gain real feedback and get the word out about your eCommerce store.


  •  A consultant who must help your brand stand out

For staying ahead in the competition, you don’t just have to work on pricing strategies, and you also have to offer customers quality services and bundles. An Amazon consultant shall help you with all the industry’s best tricks and tips that help you stand out from the rest on Amazon.


  •  A consultant who is best in Amazon product image editing

Besides working on your product listing using appropriate keywords and improving the product description, you need to enhance your product images. Find a consultant that helps you increase your ranking and visibility by offering the best-in-class product image editing services. They perform an extensive competitive analysis and offer you suggestions on how to persuade a buyer to purchase your product.


  •  An Amazon consultant who has Amazon FBA knowledge

After starting an Amazon business, you should try the Amazon FBA program to help you pack and fulfill your orders. Having a virtual assistant that can guide you through the process and give you suggestions helps you grow your Amazon business. There is also some fee structure and other essential information that help you learn before trying Amazon FBA, so having a consultant is a big help.


  •  A consultant who knows how to market to the right demographic

Not everyone wants to buy a product that you offer, no matter how good it is. Thus, knowing your target market is crucial before you start marketing your product or services on Amazon. Get an Amazon consultant that helps you with the right demographic. Moreover, they help you sell your products to other target markets you never thought of.


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