13 Steps to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers [Real]

13 Steps to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers [Real]
13 Steps to Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers [Real]

Are you unsure about the best way to acquire your first 1000 YouTube subscribers? Being stuck at 0 subscribers on your YouTube channel can be annoying if you’ve only recently launched it.

However, don’t worry. You can launch your YouTube channel without purchasing subscribers. There are several simple strategies to increase your YouTube subscriber count for nothing.

We’ll outline 13 actions in this article to help you gain your first 1000 YouTube subscribers.

Let’s get going!

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1. Your website should promote the channel.

You already have the best chance of getting your first few subscribers if your website receives some regular monthly traffic.

Promote your YouTube channel in a way that helps you take advantage of the traffic you already have, in other words. Smash Balloon is the finest programme for showing your YouTube feed on a website:

The most popular social media feed plugin for WordPress is called Smash Balloon. You can use it to show a feed that you can customise for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

This entails that your website and YouTube channel can instantly sync. This will display the videos you’ve added to your YouTube channel for visitors. They won’t have to be taken to a third-party website to view your material after that. Here’s an illustration of how it appears:

Not only will this boost the number of subscribers to your channel, it will also lengthen the time visitors stay on your website. Your domain authority may increase as a result, which will aid your SEO efforts.

The cost of the YouTube feed plugin from Smash Balloon is simply $49 per year.

Start using Smash Balloon right away!

2. Maintain Consistent Content

Make sure your target niche is represented in the new videos you produce.

Users won’t know what to anticipate from your channel if you post a random vlog one day, a gaming video the next, and a cookery video the day after. Additionally, people won’t be as inclined to subscribe if they don’t know what your YouTube channel is about.

You may receive a large number of arbitrary page views in the end, but you won’t have any loyal subscribers.

Instead, you should pick a theme for your channel to give visitors a reason to subscribe.

For instance, viewers of OptinMonster’s YouTube channel are aware that we frequently upload videos that will help them generate more leads and convert those leads into customers:

Consequently, viewers know they can visit our channel if they want to learn how to expand their email list or increase sales from their website.

Choosing a specialisation for your YouTube channel will help you locate your target audience more quickly and give your channel more focus.

You have a wide range of YouTube channel kinds at your disposal. Among the most well-liked YouTube genres are:

  • Vlogging
  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Tech
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • Cosmetics and fashion
  • Comments and Responses

Naturally, don’t let this list constrain you. If you’re enthusiastic about something, you can start a successful YouTube channel about almost anything.

Consider this channel, Clean My Space. There is an entire series of videos devoted to cleaning:

When you choose a channel topic you’re passionate about, it will show, and subscribers will flock to you.

You might want to read this post, YouTube for Business: How to Start and Optimize Your Channel, if you need assistance identifying a specialty for your channel.

3. Create a channel trailer and finish your profile.

After deciding on a channel theme, you must create a channel trailer and finish your profile to draw in your first subscribers.

You can add a brief video called a “channel trailer” to your channel to give viewers a quick overview of what it is all about.

Additionally, channel trailers are designed to automatically play for those who aren’t subscribers, making it an effective technique to convert visitors into customers.

Also keep in mind that these trailers don’t have to be expensive Hollywood productions. They can be basic, interesting videos that explain your niche or key product.

What Does OptinMonster Do? is a generic video we have on our channel that aims to assist users.

This makes it easier for new consumers to understand what our product is and what kind of content to expect. They are more likely to check out other videos on our channel and subscribe if it’s something they’re interested in.

But what if your trailer doesn’t completely persuade viewers? How can you encourage them to subscribe?

An excellent About section is helpful in this situation.

You can introduce yourself to users in your “About” section and explain why they should subscribe to your channel. Additionally, you can include keywords in your “About” section to make it easier for users to find your channel.

Similar to how you would optimise your on-page content for Google, this is.

Channels that optimise the word “yoga” on the About page will be more likely to show up in the results when a user puts a keyword like “yoga” into the YouTube search bar.

Use your channel’s trailer and About page to draw viewers in, establish a connection with your target market, and increase the number of subscribers.

To find out how to make a killer about page, read this post!

4. Establish an upload schedule and follow it

A consumer is unlikely to subscribe to your channel if they find out that your most recent video was uploaded more than two months ago.

YouTube users demand reliability.

As a result, maintaining consistency on your YouTube channel will help you quickly get subscribers. You must teach your audience to be aware of (and watch for) the release date of fresh videos.

But how frequently should you upload fresh videos?

Start by weekly uploading 1 video. There is enough content each month—4 videos—to draw in new subscribers. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to produce, either.

Make sure to follow the upload schedule you decide on. The last thing you want to do is let users down by failing to upload when you promised. This is because you can never develop a devoted audience through inconsistent blogging.

You can use Google Sheets to make a straightforward content calendar that will help you adhere to your YouTube plan. Alternatively, you may create a pre-made template using a programme like Canva:

With the aid of a content calendar, you can plan out all of your video ideas, quickly film and edit your films, and schedule their uploads weeks in advance.

5. Create Captivating Thumbnails

The first thing viewers of your video on YouTube will notice is the thumbnail. To get viewers to click on and watch your video, you must make captivating thumbnails.

After all, you won’t gain any subscribers if no one watches your movies.

The majority of the top YouTube thumbnails use the same formula:

  • Exceptional, captivating picture
  • In the title
  • colour contrasts
  • 720 by 1280 pixels wide and high (minimum width of 640 pixels)

Take a look at this thumbnail from one of our videos on expanding your email list using Instagram as an illustration:

Users are able to determine the specific subject matter of the film with just one glance at the thumbnail. The other videos in the search results also exhibit the same trend, as you’ll see.

Not an artist? Don’t worry; with free visual content production tools, you can quickly produce beautiful thumbnails for your YouTube videos.

You may also use a screenshot from your YouTube video to make a thumbnail. If you’re in a hurry, this is a nice option, but you should really spend a little more time making a personalised thumbnail.

Let’s move on to constructing searchable video titles now that you understand how to make a thumbnail that will entice users to click.

6. Produce titles for searchable videos

Okay, that video you have is fantastic. Why, though, is nobody watching?

Frequently, the title is the issue. Nobody will click on your video if the title is uninteresting or generic.

And no one subscribes if no one clicks.

So how can you make titles for your YouTube videos that are clickable and appear in search results?

One typical method is to enter the topic of your video into YouTube and see what results appear:

You’ll begin to develop an understanding of the kind of content your audience prefers as you analyse the outcomes. This is comparable to YouTube suggesting additional searchable titles to you.

Simply make sure to place your primary keywords near the beginning of your title. This is due to the fact that just the first 45 characters of your title are visible in searches.

Do you want to make your YouTube channel successful? For tips on how to rank higher and gain more views on YouTube, check out our SEO tutorial.

7. Make playlists of videos

The playlist is a little-known method for increasing YouTube subscribers. If they are a part of a wider series, you can use this to group together a variety of distinct films

The likelihood that people will watch your films in the order they were intended to be watched increases as a result.

Additionally, playlists appear in YouTube search results alongside individual videos.

For instance, to help customers learn how to incorporate different components into their lead generation campaigns, we established a playlist for our tutorials:

Every time you produce a fresh video for the series, playlists ought to be updated. If users like your video playlist, they’ll subscribe to it so they may be notified when the next episode is published.

8. Request Subscribes from Your Viewers

You may have noticed that your marketing plan includes calls to action (CTAs) in blog posts, social media postings, landing sites, and pretty much everywhere else.

Yes, YouTube operates in the same way. Ask for more free YouTube subscribers if you want more!

For instance, you may begin your YouTube videos by saying something like:

Greetings and welcome back to my channel, everyone. If you want more weekly updates on [whatever your niche is], don’t forget to hit Subscribe.

That’s all there is to it.

Your YouTube videos can also have a subscribe watermark added to them. A small icon known as a subscribe watermark appears in the bottom right corner of your videos to prompt viewers to click the Subscribe button.

You could also try contacting your loved ones and friends. Your chances of obtaining your first 1000 YouTube subscribers will increase even if just a few of your friends and family members subscribe to your channel.

Additionally, the more subscribers you have, the simpler it is to acquire more due to the psychological phenomena known as “fear of missing out,” or FOMO.

But everything begins with a simple subscription request.

9. Use Social Media to Promote Your YouTube Channel

It’s time to start promoting your videos now that you’ve mastered all the YouTube fundamentals, including picking a channel theme, making catchy thumbnails, using searchable titles, and more.

Why not deliver the material to them directly instead of waiting for your videos to be found on YouTube?

Some of the finest social media sites to use to increase your YouTube subscriber count include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

They are also completely free.

Create a social media post whenever you upload a new YouTube video to attract more viewers and subscribers. Here is an illustration of a Facebook post we created to promote a YouTube video:

Make sure to add a compelling graphic that relates to the video, a succinct summary of the content (make it interesting), and a CTA with a link to the video.

Consider utilising hashtags to increase your reach. To find out what hashtags are effective, look at the social media posts of other YouTubers.

Here is a wonderful additional video promoting tactic: If you have a website, you can use a popup to advertise your YouTube channel to visitors.

You can make a lightbox popup with OptinMonster and incorporate a YouTube video using the Theatre theme. Users can then be directed to your YouTube channel after that.

The likelihood that website visitors will subscribe to your YouTube channel will increase because they are already familiar with you and your material.

10. Participate in online forums

You can join online groups and communities to increase your YouTube subscriber count. You may develop relationships with other users and increase your online presence as a YouTube creator by regularly participating in these groups.

There are numerous online forums and groups formed especially for YouTubers to interact with and encourage one another.

For instance, Reddit has a section specifically for YouTube that has more than 340,000 subscribers.

You can look for discussions regarding the subject of your YouTube videos on Reddit, Quora, and other online communities.

Users can come to know you if you consistently contribute to online communities. They’ll be sure to subscribe to your YouTube channel if they want to watch more of what you have to offer.

Just take a moment to review these communities’ posting guidelines before you begin advertising your video. Many online forums currently have quite severe rules against self-promotion.

People who frequently participate in the community, however, are given more latitude. Make sure to mix up your postings with other worthwhile material that is unrelated to your YouTube channel.

You may then snuck in a self-promotional post every now and again to increase your subscriber count.

Comment on other YouTube videos.

Commenting on other videos is another simple approach to advertise your YouTube channel and increase the number of followers.

Let’s be clear, though. This does not imply that you should start flooding YouTube videos with “Watch my video!” or “Subscribe to my channel” comments.

That will only serve to turn readers away from your content.

Instead, simply make a joke or a conversation starter by mentioning something intriguing about the video you just saw. Many people who converse with you will visit your profile, discover that you have a great channel, and subscribe.

12. Hold a Contest

Hosting a giveaway is a fantastic method to get plenty of attention for your YouTube channel.

You could believe that a large channel is required to conduct a thrilling giveaway with a fantastic reward.

But even little channels can run contests with a modest prize to quickly increase their subscriber count. With a $50 gift card as the prize, you might have a raffle and attract lots of participants.

Just make sure to establish giveaway guidelines that will aid in increasing your YouTube subscriber count.

For instance, inform viewers that they must be channel subscribers in order to enter the contest. By forcing users to write a remark in order to participate in the offer, you can even increase interaction.

Use a giveaway platform like RafflePress to make creating, advertising, and maintaining a giveaway simpler.

Using the drag and drop giveaway builder provided by RafflePress, you can rapidly create a landing page for a giveaway.

Additionally, RafflePress provides proven supplementary actions to support your giveaway objectives. For performing certain tasks like joining your email list, following you on Pinterest, and, yes, subscribing to your YouTube channel, bonus actions award users with additional contest entries.

You may be sure to increase awareness of your YouTube channel by holding an online contest.

13. Measure Your YouTube Analytics 

Utilize the insightful data your YouTube Analytics provides to expand your channel.

  • With YouTube Analytics, you may determine exactly how you attracted your initial subscribers. You may see the places where users subscribed to your channel in the Subscribers Report, including:
  • YouTube channel you have: Direct subscriptions through your channel’s Subscribe button
  • Interactive elements Watermarks or end-screens from interactive video features that need a subscription
  • YouTube search: Subscribers from viewers who discovered your video via a search query’s results
  • YouTube channels that feature your channel: Subscriptions from other YouTube channels
  • External: Videos with embedded subscribe buttons or subscriptions from sources other than YouTube

Continue to make searchable video titles if you notice that a lot of your subscribers are coming through YouTube searches in order to attract more of them.

You have it now!

With these suggestions, you can quickly get to the 1000 subscriber level, even though you might not be able to earn your first 1000 YouTube subscribers in a single day.

And after visiting your YouTube channel, visitors are likely to click a link that directs them to your website. A strong lead conversion strategy can help in this situation.

OptinMonster is the way to go if you’re searching for a tool that will boost your website’s overall traffic, expand your email list, and boost revenues.


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