12 Reasons to Love Moroccan Rugs


Moroccan rugs are hand-woven tribes in Morocco. These rugs are the hottest trend in home decor and are famous for their folk art and dynamic designs. Moroccan rugs are a statement piece for your home. They enhance the beauty of your living space and are an elegant addition to your home. It comes in a beautiful color palette, from vibrant to neutrals. Each rug is crafted with a unique story and flair. Moroccan rugs are a combination of vivid colors and mixed patterns. 

Characteristics Of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are the prettiest addition to your home. Nowadays, they have become an obsession for interior designers. It is hand-made by the tribes, and the art comes along from traditions. Here is everything in detail you need to know about a traditional Moroccan rug:

  • It is hand-woven and made of pure wool. 
  • Moroccan rugs are 5 to 7 feet wide and 3 to 10 meters long.
  • It is crafted by expert crafters and symbolizes a unique story in weaving. 
  • Moroccan rugs have a thicker pile.
  • These are the most durable rugs.

Types Of Moroccan Rugs

Different Berber tribes make Moroccan rugs. Each one is uniquely waved and symbolized and tells the culture, tradition, and folk stories of the tribe. Moreover, They use symbols as meanings in the crafting. All Moroccan rugs are hand-woven on a traditional loom. Here are some popular Moroccan rugs:

  • Azilal Rugs

They are single-knotted. The tribes of the province of Azilal craft these area rugs. Its base is neutral, and patterns are vibrant and colorful. They come in heavy piles and geometric shapes. The azilal rugs have five poles. This is what makes them unique from the other Moroccan rugs.

  • Kabyle Rugs

The province of Kabylie in Algeria has a special place for Berber craftsmen who weave these handmade carpets and rugs made with an exclusive technique known as “M’semmen.” This is a traditional method that has been passed on for generations now. These rugs are made with natural dyes that give them an earthy tone and texture, making them look like old antique rugs.

  • Boujad Rugs

Boujad rugs are the tradition of the central plain regions of Morocco. They are available in deep red, purple, pink, and orange shades, and Their knots are tight. They have geometric patterns and floral dyes. It is one of the most colorful Moroccan rugs. Boujad rugs are made from wool and have a silk foundation. 

  • Kalaat Beni M’tir Rugs

The Kalaat Beni M’tir rugs originate in Taznakht, but they can be found all over Morocco. They come with geometric patterns and bright colors like red, brown, green, and blue. They have a silk foundation that is similar to the Boujad rugs.

  • Beni Ourain Rug

Crafted by the Ben Orain tribe, the rug comes in light and neutral shades. They are also available in brown and black line patterns. 

  • Beni Mguild Rugs

Tribes of the western Middle Atlas region craft them. They are woven vertically on a loom. It is plush, thick weave, and comes in deep shades. These are the best rugs for cold areas.

Reasons To Fall In Love With A Moroccan Rug

Moroccan rugs are a colorful, cozy, and classic addition to your home. They can easily mix and match with any furnishing theme. They are your best home investment and can also be decor as wall hangings and balcony curtains. Moroccan rugs have gained massive popularity in interior design trends. Here are some decoration tips that will make you fall in love with your Moroccan carpet.

  • Trendy and Classic

They are a trendy yet classic addition to your home. A Moroccan rug is a traditional rug that never goes out of style. The word new-classic is best for Moroccan rugs. They can smoothly go with modern or classic home decor. The classy style of these rugs makes them a perfect fit for almost every home.

  • Eco-Friendly and Healthy

Moroccan rugs are healthy as well as eco-friendly. They have been made from pure, handspun materials that help the environment by not using harmful chemicals in their dyes. Also, Moroccan rugs can be recycled if the need arises because they are machine-washable.

  • Designs that suit you best

One of the most important reasons to love Moroccan rugs is because they can be customized according to your preferences. With so many designs and colors available, the only thing stopping you from getting one for yourself or as a gift would be choosing just one! 

  • Warm And Comfy

These rugs are made according to cold regions. They make cold floors cozy and comfy. Moroccan rugs are best to add warmth and comfort to your room. They are thick piles, best for the cold area. 

  • Soft and Comfortable

These rugs are soft and comfortable. They are also best for floor sitting and can go without cushions. This property makes it the best living room rug. They are made of wool which makes them soft and durable.

  • Long-Lasting

Moroccan rugs are hand-woven from wool. They can go around for generations. They are the most durable rugs when you take care of them properly. Moroccan rugs are also easy to clean.

  • Smoothly Go With Any Color And Pattern

Moroccan rugs are best to use with any interior style. They can smoothly go with any wall color and pattern. They are best for any furniture style giving your home a perfect look.

  • Stylish

It is a stylish addition to your home. They are also best to layer and define a place. They are chic and traditional rugs that make a simple decor classy and stylish.

  • Unique

Moroccan rugs are traditional and unique rugs. Each rug is different in its way. They are crafted with symbols and folk stories which gives your space a classic look.

  • Best For Layering

Moroccan rugs are best for layering. They make a room perfect when layering with a jute or sisal rug. They are best to blend with any plain rug or carpet.

  • Define Space

They are best to define a space or corner in a room. These rugs make your book reading corner a part of your favorite novel. They are also best to use as runners.

  • Available At Every Price Range

To your surprise, Moroccan rugs are considered expensive, but they come in every price range depending on their thickness and size. You can get a Moroccan rug according to your budget and requirement. Moroccan rugs are traditional, classy, and highly trendy rugs. They are soft, colorful, and durable.  

Summing Up

The beauty of Moroccan rugs is that they are traditional, colorful, soft, and durable. They come in every price range depending on their thickness and size. These rugs make your book reading corner a part of your favorite novel. The best thing about Moroccan rugs is that they are trendy. You can add them to your lounge or bedroom to make it lively and classy too! If you want to invest in beautiful rugs for your home, visit RugKnots. Their collection is awesome.


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