12 Places To Visit In Ireland Before You Die & Study In Ireland

Study In Ireland

Ireland is a fascinating place! On one side, you can find the lush green meadows and the wide blue oceans kissing the foothills of mighty cliffs, and on the other hand, it is also a haven for education and culture. The famous Trinity College, Dublin City University, and the University of Galway bear ample proof of the rich educational background of the country. However, if you have recently moved to Study In Ireland, you simply cannot spend all the time burrowing in your books.

There is no better option to start than visiting the notable tourist destinations in Ireland. Hope you are done with your pre-departure services. Because in this blog, we will take you on a journey to the twelve most fascinating places in Ireland –


  1. The Cliffs Of Moher

This is the undisputed king of Irish landscapes. This natural attraction draws thousands of tourists each year to Ireland. If you want to get swept away by the stunning natural beauty of Ireland, visit the Cliff of Moher in County Clare.

This cliff is a mammoth rocky structure, with the highest point being at an impressive 702 feet. This cliff stretches for over 8 kilometres along the Irish Atlantic coast. The whole stretch of County Clare provides excellent scenic beauty of virgin nature. You can find the restless Atlantic crashing non-stop at the foothills and seagulls flying against the foggy, chilly backdrop.

On clear days, one can see as far as Galway Bay and the Aran Islands. You can hike up to this place and have an excellent time in the lap of nature.


  1. Glendalough

How about a trip to the fantasy land for a day? It is possible if you are in Ireland. Local guides rate this place as the most popular day trip from Dublin. Rent a car to go to Wicklow county, and you can find the Glendalough lake at the foothills of the mighty Wicklow mountains. The jaw-dropping scenery and the crystal clear water rightly earned this place the tag of Ireland’s most beautiful lake.

Glendalough, loosely translated as the “Valley of Two Lakes”, is certainly one of the most prominent Irish monastic sites. It has been nicknamed the “Garden of Ireland”, and you will feel like you are being transported to the land of the Elves by being among the rolling green meadows, crystal lakes and purple heather all around.

If you have left your motherland to Study In Abroad countries, then you must know how to blend into the culture of the country.


  1. The Giant’s Causeway

If you want a break from the lush greenery, Ireland’s most stunning rock formation awaits you in Antrim County. Geologists and mythology lovers both love this place. The sixty million year old rock formations offer a stunning visual. You can spend hours staring at the gigantic basalt columns on the verge of the Northern Irish coastline.

There is also an old Irish myth associated with this place. According to folklore, this place was made by the mythological Irish giant Finn McCool. This is why the place was named “The Giant’s Causeway”. But, no matter who made it, the stunning rock formations will surely make you awestruck.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you may get extra motivation to visit this place. The Iron Islands, or the home of the Greyjoys, was filmed around this place. So, if you are a fan of Theon or Yara Greyjoy, visit the place to take a closer look at the “King of the Isles”.


  1. The Ring Of Kerry

You can be a speed junkie or a hopeless romantic – the Ring of Kerry can satiate the thirst for both. This long stretch of road runs for 179km and takes you through rural seaside villages and the rugged landscape of the Iveragh Peninsula.

The whole stretch is hugely popular among locals and tourists alike and should definitely be on any must-see list in Ireland. Throughout this drive, there are multiple castles, quaint villages and stunning landscapes. So, drive through the Ring of Kerry and get lost in Irish history.

If you are keeping this on your bucket list, also add Killarney National Park to that list.


  1. Dingle

This southwest part of Ireland falls under Kerry County and is named the Dingle Peninsula. Dingle offers jaw-dropping natural beauty with a panoramic view of the Atlantic coast, a series of jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, and green hills.

This peninsula is incredibly beautiful and was once tagged by National Geographic as the “most beautiful place on earth”. Visit the place once and judge whether they were right or wrong.


  1. Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick, or Patrick’s stack, is undoubtedly the most notable mountain in the country. You can find this mountain in Westport, within Mayo County. Saint Patrick is regarded as Ireland’s patron saint. It’s been said that he fasted and prayed on top of this mountain for 40 days.

So, on the last Sunday of July, the Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and several pilgrims scale this mountain to honour the memory of Saint Patrick. The climb isn’t easy, but you know how the saying goes, “The best views are often after the hardest climbs.”

Croagh Patrick certainly proves this proverb true, as you can get a stunning panoramic view of the entire Mayo County and Clew Bay from the summit.


  1. Slieve League Cliffs

If you are fascinated by the idea of Cliff Moher, rest assured you will like this one too. Pack your bags on a Saturday morning, and go to Donegal to see the majestic Slieve League Cliffs. These towering cliffs are 609m tall and are regarded as one of the tallest cliffs in the whole of Europe.

No matter in which season you visit, chances are high that you will leave happy. The cliffs offer an exquisite and dynamic view of the ocean, and this place consistently gets ranked among the best attractions in the country across several tourism websites.


  1. Spike Island

Did San Francisco’s infamous prison, “Alcatraz”, intrigue you ever? If the answer is yes, you must take a trip to Spike Island in Cork. This island is nestled in Cork Harbour and has a very intriguing history. The island was formed almost 1300 years back. Since then, it has seen itself getting transformed from a monastery in the sixth century to a fortress and then to prison.

However, nowadays, the prison isn’t functional and has been transformed yet again into a public museum. Thus you can even plan a day trip and visit the Cork City Museum at your leisure. However, it is a long tour, and it is better to keep a whole day for this trip.

That doesn’t mean the island doesn’t have any natural views. Head to Dursey Island or Mizen Head to get a different and unique view of the Irish landscape.


  1. Black Taxi Tour In Antrim

This tourist attraction is a constant reminder that Ireland was not always about mountains and oceans. Ireland, especially Northern Ireland, has a dark and troubled history, and black taxi tours are probably the best way to know about it.

Hire a Black Taxi and take a tour across West Belfast to understand the complex political history of Ireland and how it shaped the country as we see it today. Usually, the Black Taxi drivers act as guides and take a group of people together on the 90-minute tour.

They will drive you through some of the most iconic peace walls, political murals, and areas that were largely affected by “The Troubles”.


  1. The Old Bushmills Distillery

Irish whiskey is a famed and desired drink around the world. So, if you are a connoisseur of whiskey or simply a student of history, you cannot afford to miss out on this. This whiskey distillery is located in Bushmills, Antrim and is the oldest distillery in the world that is still running.

Bushmills whiskey is said to have distinct notes of citrus, vanilla, and sweet cherry and is considered to be one of the best sipping whiskey in the world. You can visit the factory and see how it is made first hand. You can even pay a few extra bucks to take the premium tour, where you can taste some of it right from the casks. This is an experience that you must not miss while in Ireland.


  1. Guinness Storehouse

Do you prefer beer over whiskey? Ireland has got you covered. Guinness is one of the world’s most iconic stout beers, headquartered in Dublin. It is hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of black beer. Guinness is also the leading export of Ireland, and a tour of their storehouse will allow you to see the whole operations first hand.

If you are wondering if a day trip to a storehouse is worth it or not, let us tell you that it is incredibly tough to get a ticket for the same. However, this storehouse is one of the most visited places in Ireland annually and guarantees an excellent day out.


  1. Glasnevin Cemetery

If you want to dive into Irish history, Glasnevin Cemetery would be a good place to start. This is one of the biggest cemeteries in Ireland, but that’s not it. It is a tourist hotspot because you can find the graves of the most famous Irish personalities since 1832. It also has a museum inside the premise where you can find the memorabilia of all the deceased.



Summing Up:

Ireland is a place of unique foods, stunning locales and rich culture. So, if you are there or planning to go for higher studies, don’t waste the opportunity to backpack around this fascinating country. There are several other places worth mentioning; however, start with these twelve, and we will tell you about the rest of the places some other time.


Author Bio:

Edward Keane is an ex-scholar and academic writer working for AbroadVice.com. He is one of the top-rated writers and loves to play football in his leisure time.

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