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Business Strategies

Business strategies are a set of plans that business owners or the business management team take to maximise a company’s profit. They set some specific goals, and formulate plans accordingly to achieve that. The top management can make business strategies regarding the cost, operations, sales and marketing techniques, etc. However, formulating the perfect business strategy is not a cakewalk. You need detailed and updated knowledge about the global business industries, governmental laws, and updated about the latest trends to make accurate strategies. You can only know about all these through leading business strategy courses.

There are numerous business strategy online courses on various educational sites. You can enrol yourself for any such online courses and get business strategy certification if you want to make a career in business management. Here we discuss a few leading business strategy courses that every student must follow –

  1. Business Strategy Specialisation

Numerous students consider this course one of the best business strategy courses. They love this course to understand the basics of industry evolution better. This course focuses on covering the basics and preparing the students for advanced modules like building a competitive advantage to developing marketing strategies.

This is a six-month course, with two hours of classes each week. This is a certification course and is useful for both students and working professionals. Things you can learn from this course are –

  • Strategic management
  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategic thinking
  • Capabilities analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Competitive position
  1. Strategic Management and Innovation Specialisation

This is a strategic management course that many students from leading business schools prefer. This course is best for students who want to understand how business is evolving. This course focuses on business design, innovation and changing the user experience. You can also get a comprehensive idea about value creation, goal setting, global diversification, and integration.

This certification course is a 6 month course, with 2 hours of classes every week. Things you can expect to learn from this course are –

  • Strategy management
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategy formulation
  1. Foundations of Business Strategy

This is another top business strategy course that targets the underlying theories and frameworks fundamental for business success. This course also provides you with all the necessary tools to understand a new strategy. The main learning outcomes from this course are –

  • Competitive dynamics in the industry
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor analysis tool
  • Environmental analysis tool
  • Four generic competitive positions
  • Capabilities analysis

This is a nine-hour certification course for most working professionals and students.

  1. Corporate Strategy

This business strategy course is dedicated to business analytics. Students learn to use the power of analytics to make better decisions in a corporate environment. Corporate decisions always are consequential; hence, understanding which decision is the best determines your success. You can learn about some key corporate strategies like –

  • When to enter a business
  • When to exit a business
  • How to influence the corporate HQ
  • When to diversify the business and many more

This certification course runs for eleven months and is opted by students pursuing higher studies in management.

  1. Advanced Business Strategy

You can look up to this course if you want to learn about the competition dynamics and how to create the perfect strategy using business analytics. Simultaneously, this course will also teach you about the right techniques and strategies to diversify. You can take this small ten hours course and get yourself a certificate.

The major areas this course target is –

  • Dynamic strategy
  • Stakeholder strategy
  • International strategy
  • Diversification strategy
  1. Business Strategies for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets can be both exciting and risky since not much information is available. Hence, you can take this one day course to learn how to formulate the best business strategies for an upcoming market.

This course specifically targets –

  • Improving decision makings skills
  • Improving planning skills
  • Improving analytical skills
  • Designing a business model
  • Generating core business ideas
  • Increasing the value proposition
  • Choosing and supporting strategies
  1. Foundations of Strategic Business Analytics

This is another top-rated online business strategy certification course that gives you a complete overview of all the strategic business analytics topics. You can also learn about the various applications and data analysis techniques used in business analytics and how to integrate them into your business.

Here are some of the aspects you get to learn from this course –

  • Introduction to strategic business analytics
  • Factors leading to key events
  • Finding groups within data
  • Business forecast
  • Risk predictions
  • Recommendations and integration
  1. Strategy and Sustainability

Every major company needs to comply with environmental regulations to build a sustainable business. This course helps a student understand how to build business strategies while abiding by environmental strategies. You will get a detailed insight into the relationship between environmental sustainability and business strategies through this 15 hours long certification course.

Expect to learn the following outcomes –

  • Business and the environment
  • Strategic options
  • Strategic issues
  • Environmental interest groups
  • Creating environmentally sustainable strategies
  1. Business Strategies for Social Impact

This course is for future managers and CEOs who want to run a company with a purpose and vision. This course targets all those vital elements like –

  • Purpose-driven leadership
  • Impact measurement
  • Impact investing
  • How businesses can have an impact on society

Through these learning outcomes, you can get better insight into developing successful strategies for the business that can create a long-lasting change in the world.

  1. Business Strategy in Practice

This course is entirely a project-centred course where students are expected to possess a certain degree of business knowledge. You can only enrol for this course if you have working experience. This course expects you to use your existing business knowledge to develop the best possible business strategies.

In this course, you need to analyse an organisation and identify its issues hypothetically. Then you need to make recommendations for the same and prepare a report. This course lasts for 11 hours in total and is the best to hone your skills about –

  • Identifying strategic paths
  • Doing comprehensive strategic analysis
  1. Green Business Strategy

The global environment is degrading at an alarming pace, and it is high time to pull the leashes on the abusive environmental policies of the major companies. This course has been developed recently with the sole aim of making the earth greener.

This course gives you a detailed insight into all the environmental laws and governmental rules and regulations. It covers several learning outcomes like –

  • Environmental strategies
  • Positive steps towards green business
  • Numerous case studies on environmental strategies

These learning targets to change your perspective towards the environment in a positive way and to teach about business strategies that facilitate green business.

  1. Design-led Strategy: Design Thinking for Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship

This online business strategy course focuses on developing design-led strategies for the expansion of any business. This course is designed in a way to enable the candidates to develop design-led strategies from the beginning. These thinking skills ultimately come in handy while working in an organisation to make better long-lasting strategic business decisions.

This course is approximately 20 hours long, and many students are interested in innovative strategies making enrol for this course. The major learning outcomes from this course are –

  • Primary market research
  • Design-led strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Product ideation
  • Corporate case studies


Summing Up:

Different organisations have different ideologies and styles of running their business. But with ever-changing business rules and demands, they need to be on top of their game. This is why the requirement for skilled managers and business analysts is on the rise. So, if you are planning to make a career as a successful business analyst and strategy maker, go through these twelve courses mentioned above.

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