11 Charitable Diwali Gift Ideas For Relatives & Family

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Are you puzzled over the idea of what to purchase for your dearest one this Diwali? To get rid of this mess, get the best Diwali Gift Ideas at various online stores. It is an excellent platform to explore an endless assortment of online Diwali Gifts at attractive prices and order online. Diwali gifts have great significance when it comes to relatives and family. These gifts often come with delicious sweets.

Diwali time is gifting season! Thus if the idea of Diwali gifting is making you messy, then it’s an open thing. After all, every Diwali comes a time for all to show up their talent of gifting. Though, there is an attractive solution to your excitement over the thought of Diwali Gifts. Online portals have now come up with a wide assortment of Diwali Gifts with unique online Diwali choices to choose from and purchase online.

Here are some best choices for online Diwali Gifts:-

Diwali Candles

Candles are a classic Diwali Gift. It improves every edge where it is placed in your home. The sweet fragrance stimulates a positive thought, and when ignited, it will make the design come out so superbly. You can pick from numerous such options available in the market, like- Pillar Candles, Scented Candles, swan candles, and so many more.


Nano leaves are LED panels that are used to enhance your house or space. It is a version of Aurora Lights that can be collected and stuck on the walls without trouble. It can also be added to operate with music and distinct frequencies. They have dual mounting pads for smooth installation. What can be the best gift other than Nanoleaf, this is the best gift for your loved ones. Give the best surprise to your close ones and make them feel special this time.

As you want, these leaves can be collected in various patterns and made to seem chic or attractive or sharp. Some of these have microphone upgrades to score with your preferred music. The combination of music and light is awesome,

Exclusive Diwali Gift Hamper

An exclusive Diwali gift hamper can make anyone laugh. The exclusive Diwali hamper is a blend of various gifts. The hampers may add Chocolates+God Idols, Aromatic Candles+Dry Fruits, Sweets+Diwali Diyas+Lord Idols, blossoms etc. So, Send gift hampers online to your buddies and family these Diwali Hampers and make them laugh. On every Diwali, there is a unique and amazing gift hamper available in the market. With the taste and requirement of the customer, these hampers are designed in that way only.

Designer Dry Fruits Potli

On Diwali, gifting Dry Fruits is a much-preferred thing as it’s a healthy gift choice to carry love with Diwali welcoming cherished ones. Thus, the variety of Dry Fruits at online portals has various Dry Fruits choices to pick from various lucrative Dry fruits packing in wooden boxes, potli bags, embellishing thali, designer plates, and shiny boxes more. These fruits basket is also the best and healthy gift to give someone on this special occasion. Choose the right set of fruits and help them to give the best nutrients to your loved ones.

Air Purifier

The main concern about Diwali is the number of air pollution it causes. So, a fabulous gift idea for your cherished ones would be an air purifier to defend them from the invasion of smoke & dangerous chemicals in the air. These purifiers neutralize pollutants & allergens from the air we inhale. They also circulate the filtered air quickly through the whole room & make it easy for the inhabitants. Intelligent cleaners come with a touch button, regulatory fan speed, auto-timer, UV mode, filter replacement pointer, & another essential feature. An air purifier is the best solutions for the pollution level in the metro cities. This makes a clean and nice environment around you that will improve the air quality near you.

Diwali God Idols

Diwali is the day you plead to Goddess Laxmi & Lord Ganesha to bring strength and success to your family. So, why not send your cherished ones to God idols this Diwali? Sending God idols symbolizes sending your kind wishes and blessings, and when it is set in the place, it adds beauty to the Home Decor. The best thing is now you can buy these and various home decor Diwali gifts online.

Beautiful Silver Bowl

On Diwali gifting, silver made things are deemed auspicious. Thus keeping in harmony with the tardiest silver made items in demand, the portal has grown up with a great collection of decorative silver bowl sets to pick from and purchase online.

Photo Lamps

The Photo Lamp is an unusual way of adding light to the place. It is a stunning Lamp with their photos all above, so whenever they light it up, it will shine the room and fill their heart with the thought of some adorable moments.

Adjustable Flame Lighter

Although these are essentially kitchen appliances, these lighters can be a generous and charitable gift for the festive season. Moving beyond standard kitchen lighters, these appear in adaptable lengths & shapes for a more compelling experience.

Some of the lighters are formed like guns where you can light the oven by dragging the trigger. Some of them are also provided with flexible nozzles that can be changed or twisted. These lighters present a touch of joy to regular, ordinary tasks.

Home Décor Gifts

From embellishing candles to multicoloured lanterns, beautiful flowers, cute embellishing Ganesh idols, colourful and beautifying diyas, electronic diyas, lamps, and a lot more is there to explore in the variety of home décorgifts. Send Diwali Gifts for family considering these home decor gifts for this Diwali.

Personalized Cushions

Cushions are one of the most popular things that people have, & they arrange new covers for them, so they match the design. So, order some lovely soft cushions with something special printed on them, like- a quote, a photo or anything else. These cushions will add a personal feel to their decor that they will never need to eliminate.


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