10 Ways to Hire Android App Developers For Your Next Project


The technology is growing continuously and with its advancement mobile apps have become an essential requirement. They have become a major source of revenues for all business sectors. When discussing mobile applications, Android takes all the attention.

Android is used extensively by businesses of all sizes and is now the most popular option for developing mobile apps. Because it’s an open source platform, it lets companies turn their innovative concepts into impressive mobile apps. 

It offers developers the possibility of creating creative Android applications. Famous brands such as Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Netflix, and many other companies are investing hugely on Android applications

And in order to create a market-oriented Android application, it’s important to choose the best Android app development company that has skilled developers. Let’s explore the 10 ways to hire Android App Developer that will benefit your business.

10 Ways to Hire Android App Developers For Your Dream Project

1. Review the Last projects 

When you are hiring an Android app developer or a team, check  the history of projects that were completed to see the method of operation and the quality of the work. It is crucial to review the capabilities of the app and the time it takes to deliver the project. It will allow you to determine how you understand if the Android app developer is compatible with the requirements of the app or not. You can also check reviews, ratings, and comments for the app’s developer.

2. Don’t Always Prioritize Cost

Businesses typically seek out an approach to reduce costs however don’t make that your only priority. Don’t compromise the app quality, design, and usability for cost-saving. Instead of hiring resources with low budgets, try to hire experienced experts.

Choose an Android app developer who is certified who is able to create a sophisticated mobile application with lots of features at a reasonable cost.

3. Expertise in Open Source Platforms

Android as an open-source platform allows developers to create an app as per the user’s need. The developers must have a solid background in the platform’s open-source nature. Thus, one must hire Android app developers that understand the newest library libraries.

4. Talk to the Previous Clients

Prior to hiring an Android app developer to develop apps, it is crucial to consider several aspects. Talking to previous clients in one of them. Connecting with previous clients will allow you to know how the developer dealt with its former clients. 

They will tell you how the developer responded after the completion of the project. The old clients will tell you the developer’s work pattern, how they communicate, their frequency, and much more. Hence, do not skip this aspect before you hire Android app developers for your project.

5. Avoid Freelancers

If your business is dependent on this app to offer customers customer service, online shopping, or even drive your business, do not hire freelancers. We recommend you hire Android App Developer who has relevant experience or an app development team. 

We don’t hate freelancers, however, we wouldn’t suggest putting your company on one for your crucial project. We’ll explain why:

  • The person could be an expert in programming, however, they may not be able to provide knowledge in the user interface design.  
  • The freelancer may be working on multiple projects going at the same time and have a difficult time meeting deadlines.
  • They probably don’t provide support after launch.
  • They might not have insurance, just as an app development company has.

Therefore, experts recommend users to hire Android App Developer from a reputable company for developing a safe and successful app.

6. Check the Methodology

It is important to know the approach of your developer you will hire. To hire a professional Android app development company, be sure to check whether the developer understands the requirements of the business, can improve the design, and can offer an exceptional user experience with new ideas.

7. NDA and Privacy Agreements 

Make sure you start working with a company only after signing a privacy agreement or NDA. Signing a contract with an Android app developer you are guaranteed a safe confidential business data. In addition, we must be aware of the rights to the property of the Android app to prevent any future disputes.

8. Go For a Certified Company

Although hiring an independent Android developer could be cheap, it’s not a safe approach to have an app this way. When you select a trusted and accredited Android app development company you will get the most secure and cost-effective method to create an application.

Furthermore, when you partner with an Android app development company, you get a faster development process. This is because a group of developers, designers and testers are working for you.

9. Enquire About The Developers Team

Only hire that developer that claims to offer assistance for Android app development. In many instances, it’s been seen that a lot of companies and brands contract freelancers and don’t inform the customer. To overcome this issue, always connect with the team members to enquire about the developers that will work for you.

10. Talk about the Post-Development Support

Before selecting the Android app development company you must talk about post maintenance support and other tasks like app testing, app submission, bug fixing, etc. After discussing these aspects, you can safely hand over your project to the team.

Why Businesses Prefer using the Android Platform

Businesses can build custom apps with Google’s Android platform, personalize the user experiences, integrate third-party apps to distribute and market applications across multiple channels. This will indeed create new revenue sources and remain at top of the market. Additional benefits worth mentioning are below:

1 Simple Implementation and Less Time to Market

With Kotlin and other fast development tools, you can create Android applications in a short time using simple third-party integrations. This gives businesses the benefit of less time to market for their products and an affordable development cost.

Besides, they can also keep up with the market’s trends, increase efficiency, stay ahead of competitors, improve risk management and governance.

2. Support by Google

Google offers robust support to  Android applications that helps developers to tackle bugs, enhance data security and solve app issues. Moreover, you can access this support from Developer Support Resources. This helps your developers to create and give an error-free app.

3 Highly Scalable

Android is a scalable platform that enables developers to create high-quality, feature-rich, and scalable apps for users. 

Additionally, Android applications are feature-rich with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, VR/AR, and cloud that allow apps to execute different functions across various devices.

Also, you can take the advantage of this feature to create your business applications and give your clients a user-friendly experience. 

4. Enterprise-grade Security

An effective security system in Android helps keep your business apps secure and safe from vulnerability and malware or viruses. The user-centric Android OS balances excellently between usability, security, and business. You can create secure Android applications that allow you to secure your data, identify risky issues and provide a secure experience for your customers.

5 Easy Customization

Android app development provides highly customizable options for companies to create apps that are essential to business with a range of features. Businesses can develop custom mobile apps by keeping pace with business models, brand identity, app development needs, etc. Moreover, it enhances the customer experience by giving custom functionality, user-friendly modification. personalized UI and a lot more.

Some Last Words

Undoubtedly, it is really a challenging task for everyone to hire Android app developers because it needs careful planning, time, research, effort, and a lot more. We hope that you’ve got the necessary information about hiring an Android app developer to work on your next project.

Author’s Bio

Erma Winter is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, an established Android app development company. With more than 16 years of professional expertise, she has worked with innovative startups and leading businesses. Apart from the app industry experience, she is a car expert and loves F1 racing.



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