10 Ways Ayurveda Benefits Your Daily Life

10 Ways Ayurveda Benefits Your Daily Life

Ayurveda, known as “Sister Science” for Yoga, is an ancient holistic science first an ancient holistic scienceTendcanTend more than nearly 5,000 years, the main focus of Ayurveda has been to center one’s life between the physical and emotional self. One of the main beliefs is that the food we eat affects our overall health and can make us happy or sad. Essentially, depending on what we put into our bodies, we can be full of energy and vitality, or lethargic and part-race. This is known as the satvik approach.

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What is satvik?

First, satvik translates to ‘pure essence’ in Sanskrit. Sattvik is a diet based on foods recommended in Ayurveda and is the best purest diet that you can follow and support you in being your best self. This diet is designed to be holistic and that it nourishes your mind, body and soul, and is, therefore, great support for your yoga and meditation practice.


Understanding that food is fuel for our bodies, and the added benefit that corresponds to this ancient practice is the clarity of mind it gives us. Ayurvedic practitioners often report that they can concentrate better, sleep better and feel less anxious overall. Here are the ten best ways by which Ayurveda can benefit your life daily.


  1. You are encouraged to love yourself

Ayurveda encourages you to find love in yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. It wants you to understand that you are truly unique, and is designed in such a way that you can adapt your personal life in as determined a way as possible. It encourages you to grow, heal, and reflect on your life as you discover your individual needs.


Ayurveda has three main types of body and personality traits, otherwise known as doshas. The three doshas are vata, pitta and Kapha, and while most people fit a particular dosha, sometimes people may be a mixture of two, with one dosha being more prominent. Check out below to see what fault you are, via Mind Body Green!


  • Creative, quick to learn and obtain new knowledge, but also quick to forget.
  • Slender, long and fast-moving, leaning towards cold hands and feet and restlessness in cold weather.
  • Enthusiastic, lively, fun personality.
  • Irregular daily routines experience high energy in short bursts with a tendency to get tired easily and toil more.
  • Full of joy and enthusiasm when in balance, responds to stress with fear, worry and anxiety, especially when out of balance. Tendency to act on impulse, often having racing, disjointed thoughts.
  • Generally, there is dry skin and dry hair and there is not much sweating.


  • Medium physique, strong and well built.
  • Sharp mind, good concentration, systematic, focused, articulate, self-confident and enterprising. Enjoys challenges.
  • competitive, pushy, Aggressive, and demanding when out of balance.
  • Strong digestion, strong appetite, irritability when remembering or waiting for food.
  • Whitening or reddening of the skin, often accompanied by freckles, is easily sunburned. Uncomfortable in the sun or hot weather, the heat makes them very tired, sweating a lot.
  • Good public speakers, generally with good management and leadership abilities, but can become authoritarian. Subject to temper tantrums, impatience and anger.
  • Typical physical problems include skin rashes or swelling, pimples, boils, skin cancer, ulcers, heartburn, acid stomach, insomnia, dry or burning eyes.


  • At ease, at ease, at a slow pace. Affectionate and loving, forgiving, kind, non-judgmental. Loyal, stable and reliable.
  • Physically strong and sturdy, with a heavy build.
  • It has the most energy of all constitutions, but it is stable and permanent.
  • Slow speech, indicating a deliberate thought process. Slow learning, but excellent long-term memory.
  • Soft hair and skin, big “soft” eyes and a tendency to have a low, soft voice.
  • Tend to be overweight, may also suffer from sluggish digestion.


  1. Provides a nutritional approach to healthy living

Ayurveda is about understanding that health is your natural state. If you and your environment are in balance, this is considered optimal health, and vice versa to be unbalanced. For example, if you feel anxious or suffer from health problems like constipation or general lethargy, then it is just a matter of being out of balance. Incontinence is not an overnight phenomenon, so you have time to stop or slow down the process of imbalance. When you know what is causing you to feel awkward, you can refer to suggested foods to eat or avoid according to your dosha to start the process of getting back into a state of proper balance.


  1. You gain a greater sense of your place in life

One theory of Ayurveda is that we are a part of nature. There are five elements in nature including:


  • Space
  • Wind
  • Water
  • The fire
  • Earth

These elements, their behaviour, and their interaction in your life are a big deal in the practice of Ayurveda. For example, air will appear in your body and mind as higher energy and oblivion. Agni will manifest in the form of swelling, digestion and anger in your body and mind. Earth is concerned with your bones, your stubbornness towards something and loyalty to others. Once you identify which elements appear most prominently for you, you can assess which faults you have and then work towards optimal balance.


  1. We Learn to Clear Energy

In this day and age, we often need to re-examine our mental and physical settings. As ever-changing beings, it is important to reflect and clarify what is not working for you and your life. It makes room for new things. Cleansing the system with an Ayurvedic-based diet, and regularly clearing the mind with things like meditation and yoga will allow you to more easily recuperate and reach inner peace.


  1. It provides a full circle vision

Ayurveda tells you that you are much deeper than your skin. There is an essence to you, and an energy that can light-up the world. Ayurveda will keep reminding you that you are not more than just muscles and bones, but you are also a soul that embodies the elements. While the health benefits will positively affect your physical self, it also brings your mind, body and soul together and maintains balance within everyone. You will begin to see and feel that the healing starts from within, starting with the food added to your body.


  1. Better health at the cellular level

Research shows that Ayurveda can help at the cellular level. It has been indicated that Ayurveda can tend to regenerate tend cells, again indicating that we have the power to heal ourselves from certain diseases by the way we treat our bodies. While studies are still being done, the scientific community is hopeful!

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  1. There are fewer toxins in the body

The founder of the Shabnam Ayurveda practice states that there are three different types of toxins. The most common is ama, which is a waste product that builds up in the digestive tract that results from eating too much of the wrong food. If it is not cleared, it will accumulate over time and begin to spread throughout your body, causing a great sense of imbalance. Many practices within Ayurveda, such as eating your largest meal at lunch-time, when the sun is at its highest level, will prevent this venom from developing further.


  1. Strong Digestion

As soon as you start eating for your dosha, your digestive system will get stronger. Some foods activate your digestive system at the right time of day, reducing the build-up of toxins in your digestive system. This prevents you from feeling lethargic, which increases your energy level! Having optimal digestion also helps you maintain a healthy weight and feel less excited.


  1. Stress reduction and feeling better

Simply put, food affects how you feel. If your digestive system is not being activated, you feel uncomfortable and tired, which can manifest in negative emotions and ultimately affect how you look in your life. By incorporating a diet specifically tailored to your needs, you can begin to gain clarity in your body and mind. Again, Ayurveda’s holistic approach means that it positively influences your mindfulness practices as well, helping to reduce stress.

  1. A Simple Approach to Your Diet

Ayurveda diet is very clear what you should eat based on your dosha. Guidelines on what to eat and when to eat are easy to follow. For those who like structure, this nonsense guide is easy to follow and leaves little room for deviation. It may be an adjustment at first can but think of it as eating the foods you were always meant to eat.

If you are looking to make a lasting change in your diet, health or even your life, then Ayurveda can be the thing! With strong guidelines that have been tried and proven over the centuries, consider it a complete health plan designed to make the right changes in every aspect of your life.



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