10 tips to stand out from the SoundCloud crowd


SoundCloud is a fantastic (and underutilized) social media tool for musicians and creators. SoundCloud offers many tools for independent artists to market their music online, in addition to being a convenient location to host and promote their songs. There are even more incentives to enhance your SoundCloud game and get your music in front of your current fans as well as potential future supporters with the recent change to a user-centric payment system.

Still, many artists are not aware of the social media network’s potential. It’s quite likely that you’re already using another music-based social media site, such as ReverbNation or Bandcamp which offer similar features for musicians and their fans. What can you do to make SoundCloud personalized for you? Here are a few tips to consider as you continue to promote your music on this network:

1. Make sure your songs and other content is categorized correctly by using some of SoundCloud’s powerful features such as groups or tags . You can also use these tools for networking with similar artists, sharing each other’s tracks and collaborating. This helps listeners easily find you and more easily spread word of your music.

2. If you’re not already doing so, provide an email address on your profile that people can contact you through besides just messaging on the site. This way fans can connect with you personally if they feel the need and help support your future endeavors as well!

3.   Take advantage of the analytics provided on your page; it lets you track everything from demographics of your listeners, when they’re online and what genres they’re interested in.

4.  Keep an eye on the comments posted, reply to fans that have reached out to you or just add a simple thank you note when they compliment your work!

5.  Don’t be afraid to post promotional materials on your page either, such as a link to one of your tracks if it’s being featured by another website or podcast so people can check it out! There are tons of tips and tricks for growing a fanbase in the music industry , but determination is key!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your SoundCloud following, this tutorial will get you started on the yellow brick road to more followers in your area and maybe world domination in your field.

This is a very useful tool for Soundcloud users: Soundcloud to mp3.

1. Who are you?

Let’s start by getting your profile in order: make sure it reflects the same across all of your internet platforms. Create a SoundCloud banner that links to your website if you have an image or color scheme. Make sure all of the links are functional and include a profile photo or photograph so that casual surfers get a sense of who you are as an artist before they hear a note.

PRO TIP: SoundCloud headers and backgrounds can be made using Canva, which is a fantastic source for creating social media headers and includes a template designed especially for SoundCloud banners.

2. Don’t be afraid to share

If you’re not sure if your song is finished, why not provide a work-in-progress or demo version? Allow your followers to observe all of the steps in your process and see how it’s improved. You may also inquire about their thoughts on certain parts (see tip 7 below).

“Perfection is the adversary of progress,” as Churchill observed. Don’t put it off any longer; pass it on now!

PROFESSIONAL TIP: You may make a track private at any time if you change your mind and decide it isn’t representative of your work.

3. Metadata is the key

When you post a song on SoundCloud, make sure to enter as much metadata as possible. To see them, go to the “Metadata” tab of a song’s upload or edit page. These can include things like artist name, lyricist, composer, and label.

Most importantly, be sure to include tags in your music. This allows listeners to look for you on SoundCloud by using tags.

It’s a tough subject. But if you apply the same rules and test your results, you’ll figure out which tags work best for you and your sound. Don’t spam; be direct, honest, and succinct with your tags, and your music will be easier to discover.

PRO TIP: Make sure to add SoundCloud tags and links to any contributors in the track description section. Use the “@” sign before a contributor’s SoundCloud name to link to their profile, just as you would on other social media platforms. This label provides additional insight into “under the hood” of your song and creative process for listeners.

4. Buy, buy, little bird

The likes are attractive. When the rent is due, landlords do not take likes into account.

You can utilize an “Add to Cart” button on your music to help with this (and other purchases). You may use the term “Metadata” on the song upload or edit page’s tab for “Metadata” to access this. Add a link to any online platform where you sell your song: Apple Music, Bandcamp, or CD Baby, for example.

The Pro account allows you to name the button anything you want, as well as customize its text. Encourage listeners to play Spotify or use your music in videos by branding it with your band’s name. Alternatively, provide a link to Patreon or PayPal and ask fans directly for cash. Artistic works that move people are often popular among fans.

PRO TIP: The “Enable direct downloads” option must be unchecked when uploading your song. As a result, if a listener wants to download the song, they will use the purchase link.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words

Illustrations of a theme, like your profile, represent the music and help it stand out.

By default, SoundCloud will show your profile image without pictures, which may not always assist the listener in comprehending the topic.

To prevent the song from being deleted, you should upload a JPEG or PNG file that is no greater than 2 MB and has a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels.

If your theme is embedded on a website, such as a blog, the artwork will also be updated to match. It’s worth investing time in making it stand out.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Have you made any changes to your subject line since establishing it? Canva is another resource I typically recommend.

6. Comment like a pro

Fans can add time-stamped comments to your waveform on SoundCloud (you may disable it in the “Permissions” area). But have you considered adding your own remarks?

Use the waveform comments to give your work process and story behind your masterpiece: “That legendary sound in the fall was made by sampling my cat.”

“Can I give my own take on known? You may disagree with me, but it’s still nice to hear your perspective. “I’m not sure if the battery should stay or go away. What do you think?”

This entails tip #2: don’t be scared to communicate. Tell your audience how you make the music they enjoy.

PRO TIP: When uploading or editing a song, you may deactivate comments in the “Permissions” page.

7. Create a VIP circle

With SoundCloud, you may invite only your most die-hard supporters to join an exclusive listening club by using private links.

A private link is an excellent method to share any unfinished song with your collaborators and distribute releases to labels, blogs, or publishers. It’s also a wonderful way of giving creators the sense of exclusivity that comes from like them.

Setting a song as private is simple on SoundCloud: go to “Basic Info” on the song upload or edit page, and uncheck the “Public” box at the bottom.

If you wish to broadcast the topic, simply click the “Share” button to access the unique URL. This link may be reset at any time.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: If you’re submitting your songs to publishers or labels, make a private full playlist.

8. Change things

What if your song is getting a lot of likes and comments, but you decide to zhuzh it up a bit? Don’t worry, SoundCloud’s constant retouchers, you’ve got their back!

Go to your browser’s address bar and type in “Google Drive” followed by the name of the song. Select “Download” from the drop-down menu, then choose “Open with Google Chrome.” Click on the pencil icon to modify a track, or select “Replace File” at the top and make any changes you want while listening.

You won’t miss any comments or “likes,” and the easy-to-use tool lets you easily share your production process with your fans.

PRO TIP: If you modify the audio, remember to include a remark on the waveform so that your listeners are aware of what you’ve altered and where.

9. Make it shine

It’s great to talk about the sausage-making procedure, but some hobbyists will want their sausages to be delectable as well, so season them and learn that song.

You have three options: hire a professional, try DIY software, or do it yourself. However, if you’re going to take Yoda’s approach of “Do it or don’t do it, there’s no need to try,” why not use a service like eMastered and have your song meet the standards?

PRO TIP: Visit eMastered.com to try the eMastered Engine for free.

10. If you build it, they will come

Don’t forget to post your songs on all of your social media sites. To acquire more listeners and followers, submit your music to a YouTube music promotion channel.

Post on a regular basis: To prevent having to figure out what to post when Friday approaches, make use of a spreadsheet to plan year-long releases.

Finally, gaining traction on SoundCloud isn’t about putting everything in your world. When fans comment on your songs, connect with them. Share other musicians’ music and leave comments on their work to support the community.

PROFESSIONAL TIP: Your page appearance should be consistent across all of your social media sites, creating a one-stop shop for visitors to easily discover and connect with you. Linking to all of your social media accounts on your profile page and having connections that automatically post topics to chosen accounts are two ways to achieve this.


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