10 Tips to follow before making a Profitable Real Estate Investment


The good amount earned through real estate business is one of the reasons which attracts Pakistani property investors. On the other hand, other businesses are much riskier because the chances of profit are fewer than real estate. In Pakistan, the investors get many benefits such as very less property taxes, increase in the market value of the asset, and other benefits such as constant profits.

The ten basic rules for investing in Real Estate investment in Pakistan are:

Discussed below are the 10 basic rules for investing in real estate investment of Pakistan:

      1. Knowledge is power
      2. Set your own investment goal
      3. Make long term investment:
      4. Finding properties for a positive and maximum cash flow:
      5. Wise selection of location
      6. Take an organized approach to choose property:
      7. Development of Real estate
      8. Strategic Planning
      9. Invest your money smartly
      10. Manage your own investments

1. Understanding the knowledge on Real estate is power:

The basic understanding is the power to strive in the business of real estate. Firstly, it includes right time to invest and maximum return on investment. Secondly, societies offering the greatest opportunity with maximum profit are to be short listed. Thirdly, the right time to sale it with highest benefit is the key to success in real estate investment. Finally, knowledge is power. The more you know, the better choices you will be able to make in life. The decision taken in your life must be your own so other can’t manipulate in their own ways. Discover your own self, arm yourself with knowledge also follow your instincts. The acknowledgment can be classified further as:

  1. Academic education
  2. Professional education

The last category practical education is important, as this literacy helps to use money wisely.

  1. Set your own investment goal:

The setting of a goal is highly important in our life. The biggest hurdle with setting goals in real estate investment is to get profit in near future. Whereas, long term goals are essential, its crucial to break them into small steps. This will eventually help in achieving the long-term target.

In case of real estate investment, the foremost consideration is the number of properties for investment in one year. Moreover, the cash flow and the selection of city must be practical enough. Setting up practical and short goals to attain financial benefits in long run for profitable real estate investment.

  1. Make long term investment:

A temporary hike in the market us tempting for a short-term real estate goal. However, every seasoned investor knows this fact that real estate are long-term investments. Aiming for a quick and short gains are never meant to be for investment.

According to the market and numbers, figure out where investment makes the most sense. Ideally, considering the cash flow, equity and appreciation potential of a real estate venture. These tools to be taken on-board before jumping on investment wagon. Furthermore, flipping the houses, which is always don’t for short-term returns, one must keep eyes on current market.

  1. Finding properties for a positive and maximum cash flow:

Cash flow states the amount of money moving in a business circle.  When investing on real estate the positive cash flow, or the rate of return in the long run must be ensured. A positive rate of return can be ascertained when equity and natural justice is done in investment. As the amount will grow over time, the appreciation of property backed by inflation also grows.

  1. Wise selection of location:

Pakistanis have invested in real estate property as it’s the most trending business. A location of any property plays a dynamic role. Nova City Peshawar located on M-1 Motorway, near Charsada Peshawar is an accessible location. It can easily be reached from different points including motorway.

  1. Take an organized approach to choose property:

One of the most successful rules for real estate investment is to start the search from a wider scope. This narrows down and specifies as you go along. After considering the risk factors and current trends, the best city would be chosen for future investment.

After the city is finalized, the next step is neighborhoods and best particular investment requirements. Finally, the specific amenities attached to are also significant.

When it comes to the successful business in It all boils down to return on investment (ROI) for a given business. If a business has a great claim with the great ROI, then Real Estate Investment is a successful business. Pakistan is a developing country, considering the best business opportunities principal is important.

  1. Development of Real Estate:

First the residential and commercial property is made available with maximum ROI. This investment must involve the purchase of raw land, rezoning and sale or lease of the finalized products to end users.

Over a small time, the costs of the land rise, on the other hand the prices of the land will reach to its top. However, of coming up for growth, sell the property and make a heavy amount of currency.

Confidently, the best business in Pakistan is real estate business. Besides, its liberties the adventurers with top business in Pakistan.

  1. Strategic Planning:

the short and long-term goals to get profit are kept in mind by it. similarly for the investors, planning and strategizing their business while visualizing their big picture is essential.

The payment plans for Lahore Smart City is an unbelievable price plan. Payment plans for this Smart City is release towards the public in vary manner. Consequently, you can choose with no trouble. Do not miss out the incredible chance that this hosing society has to offering to the public. Payment price of this Project is the very first choice for top Pakistani investors.

  1. Invest your money smartly:

While investing in real estate, there are two options:

The first option is to invest smartly in a single property or putting in a down payment on multiple properties. The first chance is to own one property of yours. The second one allows to own more of them.

While investing in real estate the first step is to buy a portion of land. It can be any quantity of land, like agricultural, commercial or housing. Its profitable as the idea of smart cities is a huge victory.

This can be explained with the help of a simple example. If you have 1 crore PKR and buy one property in one installment. Then the other being investing a 20% down payment on five properties of the same value. So, in a nutshell, a total amount of 20 lakh is spend on each of them. After renting them out, the rent can directly be paid off for five houses. The rent can directly be used to pay off the remaining number of installments.

  1. Manage your own investments:

Always invest in a property that maintains a physical control. The decision lies upon you as whether you want to rent it, sale it or return in the market. The best thing to avoid is not to lean towards the ownership of real estate through funds, shares or partnership. Paper-based investments often make you the owner of a property with none of the rights and authorities. The active participation in real estate investments also taking right decisions with regarding to the ownership of a property.


It is rightly said that using your own imagination for a better future is always a success. While investing in real estate these above mentioned 10 tips have to be followed before making a profitable real estate investment in Pakistan. For the best approach in any property business there are some rules to be followed. These rules if not followed also can result in a loss.



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