10 Tips on how to use Telegram for business


Nowadays, you can say any medium, whether paid or free, you can create a sales channel as long as you are connected to the internet. Yes, in this fast-paced and online era as it is now anything should be used well if you have a plan to build a business or grow the business you are running. In this article, we will review further in 10 tips on how to use telegram for business and the features it offers. Hopefully useful for you!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a chat application that allows users to send messages, photos, videos, audios and also encrypted files or documents. Telegram can be used on various operating systems e.g. Android, Windows OS, iOS, MacOS, and Linux OS simultaneously.

Can you use Telegram for business?

When viewed from a small business perspective, Telegram can be used for business. Many business friends are now starting to use Telegram to communicate and do business. The application, which has great power and more than 100 million users, has not yet taken advantage of its advantages.

So if you want to use it, it will be great because not many have used it yet. With a wide user base, there is always the possibility that a client or potential client for your business using Telegram.

10 Tips on how to use Telegram for business

1. Use Telegram Groups

In Telegram there are many scattered groups and most do not require many requirements to join or join in them. Well, through this group is one of the ways to use Telegram for online business. Try to find out which buying and selling groups are active on Telegram.

Don’t forget to see how many members or members have joined in it. The more members, the greater your chances of promoting the products you sell, example link telegram viral.

2. Create your own community

In one Telegram group can contain up to 200 thousand members. It can also be your chance to build your own community. If you find it difficult to find a suitable group and feel right, you can create your own.

For example, you create a more specific group like “tamiya and polo shirt buying and selling forum”. And invite your closest friends to recommend this group to their friends as well.

3. Always remember “sharing is caring”

In the buying and selling groups that you join, try to actively provide useful information and content. That way you will give the impression of a seller who is not only spamming selling, but also wants to establish a good relationship with buyers and fellow sellers.

You can actively share useful content such as tips or tutorials related to the products you sell. That way, over time there will be a sense of wanting to buy from those who read it.

4. Search with the right keywords

Keywords you can use include “Buy and sell”or” group online store”. Or you can search directly with specific keywords, such as”buy and sell aesthetic goods”.

The way you can also try is to look for recommendations from friends who have joined the buying and selling group. So more can be considered credibility. Plus if it’s a fairly private group or a close group, you can get recommendations from your friends early so your request to join can be accepted faster.

5. Use Telegram channels

The difference with the group is that in this Telegram channel, the owner or creator of the channel can only carry out one-way communication. So people who subscribe will get promoted sales info, but can’t give a response.

Well, if this is the case, you can create your own sales channel and the first thing you need to do is build a community to have enough customers, then promote your sales products with broadcast messages on the channel.

6. Maximize chat bots or automated chat features

The Telegram application also has a chat bot feature or usually said to chat automatically. This feature is used to automatically reply to someone’s chat when they greet you, this is called The bot telegram.

Usually this feature is utilized by people who have businesses, such as credit agencies. Therefore, maximize this chat feature so that your product sales increase every day.

7. Enable security features

Another advantage that Telegram has and can use for business is to enable its security features. Telegram is a chat application with the highest security in because until now the application is not found exploit remote system created specifically to hack Telegram.

Unlike the WhatsApp application, which in 2020 yesterday discovered a remote WhatsApp exploit that was used to trick the security of the Whatsapp application through GIF images to illustrate the victim’s message.

8. Use the document submission option

In the document sending option Telegram has two options that can be used and the size of the document that can be sent is also quite large.

When you want to create a document, you can choose one of the options, which is a file with the original size or a compressed file with a maximum size of 1.5 GB. Unlike the WhatsApp application, when we send images, videos and other files automatically, both types of files will be compressed, reducing the quality of the files sent.

9. Good communication with group members

Good communication will lead to good things as well. You can communicate with members in the buying and selling groups you join as simple as greeting members at any given moment. Of course, you can also share motivational posts, give encouragement, share quotes, and do not forget to actively respond to those who actively communicate in the group.

10. Consistent

This is the key to maximizing how to use Telegram as a sales medium or online business. Just like tips for success in any other activity, consistency is something that must be maintained. If you have managed to go through the other three tips above, you just need to manage the consistency of going through everything.


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