10 Tips for Designing Custom Hoodie


A hoodie can be worn at any moment. It is both comfortable and practical, and it flatters all body types. If they’re for uniforms, a sports team, or your family, customized hoodies may improve your style of game or yell out your team pride.

Customization Hoodie manufacturer china allows you to design one-of-a-kind sweatshirts, making them even more special and giving you more reasons to wear them. Customization is required if you want ‘more’ hoodies.

Here are 10 tips for a stylish & unique hoodie:

  • Choose the style

There are two types of hoodies: pullovers and zip-up hoodies. The difference is that one may be pulled over, while the other has a zip for added ease. Both are practical and pleasant to wear.

If you’re getting hoodies for a sporting event, zip-up hoodies are preferable because they’re simple to unzip and remove when not in use. Hoodies with zippers are more like jackets. If the weather permits, you can leave the zips open to make it look like a jacket.

Pullovers are similar to t-shirts and can be worn as such. Layer up and wear your hoodie throughout the winter. However, pullover hoodies are comfier.

  • Identify the message

Do you have a specific theme or event in mind? That is your topic, for example, if you are designing the sweatshirt for a promotional event, a friends’ reunion, or a family get-together. If you’re making hoodies for yourself, consider a key statement you want to convey.

  • Plan your design

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to start adding photos, text, or both. Select appropriate pieces to assist you in effectively communicating your message.

If you want to spread the message of peace, for example, you don’t have to write the word “peace” on your sweatshirt; instead, you can display an image of a white dove or other beautiful bird along with a brief saying on peace.

If superhero movies are your inspiration, choose a character image and add a famous line from the film. You can even pick one over the other if you don’t want to do both.

  • Try hand-drawn art

Creating artwork is one of the most remarkable hoodie customizing tricks. Draw a pattern or doodle by hand and photograph it. Put it on your hoodie and you’ve got yourself a one-of-a-kind hoodie. You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to create hand-drawn art; all you need are a few ideas and the will to get started.

  • Keep it smile

Because there are basic principles when it comes to personalized sweatshirts, go for a straightforward design. Intricate designs do not effectively communicate your message. Consider a simple yet stylish design to complement your hoodie.

  • Color matters

There are two colors that you must remember. The first is for the hoodie, and the second is for the design. If you’re going with light colors for the hoodie, go with darker colors for the design, and vice versa. Remember to choose complementary colors so that your design does not blend in with the hoodie’s hue.

If you’re designing a hoodie for your business, make sure the logo is prominently shown. As a result, you’ll need to pick a bold color for the hoodie.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the colors you chose for your custom sweatshirts reflect your individuality. For example, if calm and quiet are what your hoodie wants to be, then go for soft colors, but if you wish to display your bold and outgoing personality, go for dark and bright shades.

  • The image size

A high-resolution photograph is required to print a design on a sweatshirt. The resolution factor will be explained to you by your printer. You’ll need a high-resolution photograph because low-resolution images may appear blurry when printed.

Your image can be tiny, medium, or huge in size. Check with your printer to see if the final size you’ve chosen for your design is visible from a distance of at least a foot. It doesn’t imply your design has to be overbearing, nor does it have to be so small that it’s barely apparent. You can play around with your design, but keep visibility and clarity in mind.

  • Design Placement

The front of a hoodie is the most popular place to put a design. Many people don’t like designs on the back or in the pockets. Again, there is no such thing as a rule. You can put the design on the back, sleeves, or pockets as long as it is visible, appealing, and straightforward. It is also contingent on the situation. You can put a sentence describing the offer or your services on the back of promotional sweatshirts, and your company emblem on the front.

  • Why not add your name?

In 2022, garment companies are looking to adopt new innovations in winter jackets to engage people with their winter outfits. The following are the top jacket outfits for the winter season that will be popular this year. If you’re making custom sweatshirts for yourself, personalizing them with your name will make them truly distinctive. Your name will stand out in the proper place and font, drawing everyone’s attention. If you’re making hoodies for your family, you may print each member’s name on their hoodies to encourage them to wear them proudly long after the event is over.

  • The fabric’s quality is very crucial.

Hoodies are popular because they are pleasant to wear, therefore if your fabric is of poor quality, the whole point of having a personalized hoodie is lost. Regardless of whether you choose cotton or wool, be sure the fabric is of high quality.

The high-quality fabric ensures that the hoodie, and not only the hoodie, but the design, will last for a long time. Hoodies are fun to wear, but they’re also acceptable as formal attire when matched with coats these days. As a result, the fabric quality must be outstanding in order for them to look attractive on any occasion.


Customized hoodies provide a glimpse into your true self, which is why they should feature your trademark flair. Because printing firms frequently allow a fixed amount for a specified number of shirts, printing many hoodies can save you money. As a result, printing more hoodies is beneficial. An expert printing firm can assist you in creating absolutely amazing and one-of-a-kind sweatshirts that everyone will like.

Winter is unquestionably the best season for men’s fashion. It is undeniable that humans are vulnerable to the cold. We adjust our body temperature by wearing jackets or building shelters to stay warm and comfortable.

The ability to layer outfits is what makes winter fashion so special. In men’s fashion, layering refers to wearing several items on top of each other. The appeal of layering was obvious at first. We were able to stay warmer and more insulated as a result of it.

Choosing the right winter jacket is dependent on the type of activity you intend to engage in. Those who are adventurous and like to stay active have different needs than those who want something warm to wear around town. Apart from that, knowing what kind of weather conditions you’ll be wearing the jackets in is also crucial when selecting a winter jacket. To stay warm in cold weather, layering is essential.



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