10 Things to know before buying the engagement ring


When it a ring true, and I’s in your life suddenly became we,mark the moment with the engagement ring and cherish this forever! 

So you have finally found the one and are on the hunt for the perfect ring to pop the question. Shopping for an engagement ring can be fun and exciting but at the same time confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Etsy is a unique online premier marketplace for talented artists offering unique engagement ring designs, usually at much lower prices. You can also avail of the Etsy discount code for the lowest prices. To help you research before saying yes to a ring, here’s a list of 10 things you should know before buying an engagement ring.

Engagement tips you need to know before purchasing

Buying an engagement ring is traditionally a one-time event, but there are some engagement ring tips you should know before you buy. Sometimes, a buyer doesn’t hit the nail on the head the first time, resulting in a significant other upgrading the ring, reconfigure it, or even returning it to start over.

Let’s start with something many of us don’t know

Do you know that the pedestal and centre stones are often sold separately? You can buy those two apiece, the centre stone (usually a white diamond) and the setting (the metal frame that holds the centre stone). Some rings have a preset centred stone, supposing almost all antique engagement rings are finished pieces, and many modern jewellers make preset rings. However, recently it has become common for jewellers to sell the setting and the centre stone separately. So you can buy the stones individually. So be careful when you are shopping.

The centre stone shape

Knowing that there are many diamond shapes and that the “cushion cut” refers to the form of the centre stone of an engagement ring is the most vital detail to incorporate into your design! Think of it this way. You’re probably annoyed if you order iced coffee and get iced tea! If your partner has a picture and link of a cushion-cut diamond ring stored and doesn’t know what cushion means (which might be why), the buying process can be a little stressful.

Understand 4Cs before buying a diamond

Below is a brief overview of the 4Cs. Like most people, you need to understand the 4 C’s before buying a diamond if you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring. The 4Cs are quality ratings given to diamonds.


It is an evaluation of how well a diamond is cut and affects how light is captured.


A measure of the colourlessness of a white diamond.


A grading of how perfect a diamond is both inside and out. Carat:


A weight measurement that allows you to know the size of a diamond.

While each of the four C’s is important, jewellery experts recommend prioritizing cuts when grading diamonds. Why? A poorly cut diamond will not reflect light well and appear dull and cloudy.

Find an experienced jeweller with diamond knowledge

Each Jewelry team member has the experience and training to educate buyers about the ring design process properly. The expert jeweller also simplifies diamond terminologies such as the 4 C’s and pricing. Contact the jeweller earlier to know the correct facts from the first meeting, in person or online, by phone or by email. So that you can make an informed decision when purchasing an engagement ring. In addition, the staff of the jeweller must be trained in a prestigious atmosphere and equipped with all the latest tools to assist in the selection process. There are many details in choosing a custom engagement ring style and centre stone. Your jeweller will guide you through every step if you choose wisely.

Consider your time frame and book the order in advance

Creating a custom engagement ring for you takes at least 4-5 weeks. Unless you don’t like the beautiful engagement ring in stock. Most of our customers choose the individual route because there is no extra cost, and a jeweller designs a ring that fits their partner’s style, price range, and, more importantly, their finger! Handcrafting is the only way a skilled craftsman creates jewellery from scratch, but more popular methods, such as casting, rely on additive manufacturing techniques to aid in the process. Handcrafted pieces require extra work. So it takes a little more time than simply placing the stones in a ready-made setting, as most other jewellers do! Please consult with your design consultant before entering. A good rule of thumb is to start the process in two to three months.

Ideas for the ring that suits your fiancée personality

The two factors that most influence the style of an engagement ring are the shape of the centre stone and the setting. Shape refers to the shape of the diamond’s centre stone (round, oval, princess, emerald, etc.), and each figure has a different style. The setting of an engagement ring also influences its style. Scenes can be classic, vintage, modern, or unique. An important tip when buying an engagement ring is to ensure that the ring you choose or a custom-made ring suits your partner’s personality. For example, if your partner is relatively straightforward and you prefer something very flashy, it may not fit their everyday identity.

Keep the Budget in your mind

Budget is a personal choice. Consider your financial situation instead of following the old “rules”. Then spend as much money as you want on your engagement ring. You may have heard you must pay a certain amount for an engagement ring. Generally, it is said that you should spend the equivalent of three months’ salary on an engagement ring. However, there is no such thing as a “right” amount for an engagement ring. It would be best if you only used what you are comfortable with.

You can always upgrade the ring later

If you can’t get the big, eye-catching ring you want at your engagement, remember that you can always upgrade later. Ring upgrading is very common on birthdays and anniversaries. If your target dream ring doesn’t fit within your Budget, know that you can always upgrade the diamonds and settings later.

Warranty is different from jewellery insurance

Generally, a warranty like the Peace of Mind Extended Maintenance Plan protects you from manufacturing defects and everyday wear and tear on your ring, ensuring your jewellery always looks new. However, warranties and jewellery insurance are often confused when they are very different jewellery insurance protects you against accidental theft or loss.

You can always customize

If you can’t find the engagement ring of your dreams, you can always create a custom engagement ring. Making a custom ring is easier and cheaper than you think. And the extra time it takes to custom design and builds something is well worth it. At the end of the process, you will have a ring unlike any other, just like your love as a couple.


These days, there are many things to consider when, where and how you buy your engagement ring. However, I hope the above tips will help you make that monumental purchase as an engagement ring is a one-time shopping that you will be remembered forever.


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