10 Things to Consider When Hiring an App Development Company

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If you are looking for an app development company to build an app for your business or venture, try not to rush into it. Instead, take your time in choosing an app development company. Select an app development company in Kochi that understands your business and presents proposals on how an app could help take it forward. You want a team of professionals that is on the same page as you regarding goals and targets. You do not want to put your money and time into something that you would regret.

So, how do you gauge a company’s quality standards? Start by checking off the following points, and you should do just fine.


A company’s portfolio provides insight into its performance. A company that is proud and sure of its work will readily share their portfolio. Have a look at the apps developed by the company to determine their worthiness.

  • Are their apps available for download on Android and iOS devices?
  • Avoid engaging a company that has no apps on the app stores.
  • Check ratings and reviews for their apps available on both platforms.
  • Ask pertinent questions to establish efficiency and reliability. For example, how did they deal with unexpected problems while developing the apps and how long they took to complete the projects.
  • Another vital characteristic to help you decide in their favour is their proactiveness. Professional app development companies listen, understand and give clients inputs and multiple options. Are they doing that?
  • Choose a company that has developed apps for companies similar to yours.

Skill and Talent

Expertise is important. The developers should design the app to suit your requirement—with the best functionality and features. To ensure they can do so, have them explain how they would execute it and the frameworks they are likely to implement. Additionally, ascertain that the software they use will integrate seamlessly with other systems workflow.


While it is tempting to pay a low price for developing a mobile app, our advice is to choose quality over cost. You want a great app, rather than one that is mediocre, so do not compromise. You do not have to overshoot your budget, but at the same time be a little flexible, so you are assured of a quality product.

Discuss the costing, at the onset. Clarify the payment terms and methods. Do you pay a token advance, do you pay at different stages of the project or pay the full amount? Get a written contract, covering terms and conditions. You do not want to be billed with sundry charges at the end of the project.


Be clear about the platforms on which you want to launch your app. It is a practical idea to develop an app for use on multiple platforms. Hence, it is vital to confirm that the company can develop an app for multiple platforms. The company should have an accomplished team of developers who have experience with developing cross-platform apps. The app developers must possess a thorough knowledge of the policies and regulations of iOS and Android platforms.

Engagement and Rapport

The app development company must work alongside you to build and deliver a product to your liking. Therefore, your involvement in the project is critical. The company must be open to your ideas and inputs and design the app accordingly; they should encourage your participation, particularly around prototypes and wireframes. The company should be clear about the number of iterations and your required involvement. They cannot work solo; they cannot do it alone. They need you at every step.


Expanding on point number five—check their level of communication. Ask the company how often they would provide updates on the progress. What would the mode of communication be—emails, telephonic, video-calls or face-to-face. The company you employ should keep you up to speed on the progress.

Client and developer interaction is crucial to ensure that both remain on the same page. One way of assessing their communication level is by checking how often they follow up and respond to your queries during the preliminary stage.

In the nascent stages of your dealings, their involvement or lack of it would indicate how things would pan out later. If they are responsive now, they will continue to be so, if not, you might find communicating with them difficult. Read the signs early on, before assigning the project to a company. Choose a company that is genuinely enthusiastic about the project; it signals strong work ethics.


The company should be able to provide an approximate timeline for your project. To reconfirm the timeline, get answers to a few questions –

  • Number of app developers in the company’s employment
  • Number of projects they are presently handling
  • The estimated timeline for completion of those projects
  • If they are capable of timely completion of your project

The information will equip you to judge whether the company can counter sudden challenges or iterations related to your project, and make on-time delivery.


Coding is considered the most vital component for app-building, but other elements decide its functionality. That is where design comes into play—a well-designed app enhances the user experience. Hence, the app developers must be abreast with the latest user experience improvements and implement them into the design.

Have them show you examples from their previous projects. Share your thoughts with them, and let them know precisely what you want. Also, be open to suggestions; they might suggest something more appropriate and engaging. Ask how specific features would affect the app.


You also need a company that will assist you through the submission process. And one that will continue to offer assistance even after the app is hosted.

Maintenance and Updates

Launching an app in the marketplace is half the job done. The upkeep of an app is an ongoing process. Apps require bug fixes and regular updates with new features. Partner with a company that will extend support through scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and bug fixes, after the launch.

Go through the company’s terms and conditions for app maintenance. How will you be charged? Will they make an annual contract? Is it a yearly charge, or will they charge you monthly or per maintenance/bug fix. Get details of the post-launch support they offer and what it will cost you.

So, what is the takeaway? It is essential to assess the app companies meticulously before hiring them for the job. The key things to look for in the company are –

  • An exceptional team of app developers with proven technical expertise
  • A great track record
  • Superb communication skills
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Good listening prowess
  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Timely delivery
  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Ability to convert your idea into an app


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