10 Things Gen Z Worries About


Gen Z has been called many things, and overall they have faced large amounts of criticism for their views on certain issues. However, the generation is facing several unique hurdles and roadblocks that separate them from those who came before them. In this piece, you will learn more about the main concerns of Gen Z, and what they are doing to combat them.

1.  Financial Future of Gen Z

It should come as no surprise that Gen Z is worried about the health and longevity of their financial reality. Sure, the internet has come along to create new opportunities for making money, but the world is also going through incredible changes, many of which are historical anomalies. The combination of record inflation, a global pandemic, and huge unemployment figures have this population worried about their financial futures.

On top of all of these issues, Gen Z also has to face the issue of student loan debt. The financial stress student loans place on them is often hard to fathom for those born in different generations. With college degrees being necessary for many industries, most of the Zoomer population is uncertain about how they are supposed to enter a job market when they are already faced with major forms of debt.

2. Gen Z Food Options and Diets

The food climate of the new world presents some issues for this Zoomer population. Many of them are becoming more aware of the toxic compounds and chemicals that are put into most foods, and this is raising concern for them. It follows, then, that Gen Z would have some worries about the foods they are putting into their diets.

Gen Z are always looking for new diets to help them keep their energy levels high without ingesting harmful chemical products. Veganism and gluten-free diets are increasingly common among this generation. Protein nut butter provides nutrients and acts as a viable substitute for other protein sources in many diets. Even intermittent fasting has come about as a more popular approach to diet.

3. The Political Landscape

Politics are becoming more and more divisive, especially in the Western world. With this shift, the newer generations are beginning to become more and more worried about the future of the world. Politics have a role to play in nearly every aspect of society, which is part of the reason Gen Z is so worried about their impact.

Of course, there are actions they can take to reclaim some of their political power. Social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for political activism, with outlets like Tik Tok and Instagram serving as platforms for change. Beyond this, Gen Z is getting even more motivated to protest and take action against political injustices.

4. The Environment

Adding to all of these issues is the fact that many scientists agree climate change is taking place rapidly. With the potential future health of the planet at risk, many in the newer generation are worried about having a habitable planet for themselves and their children in the future. While there are several conflicting ideas about climate change and the environment, most young people feel caught in the middle of a problem they can’t fix.

Zoomers are making it a priority to save the environment. With new environmental initiatives popping up each day, change is taking place, even if it’s slower than some people desire. From recycling to protests, Gen Z is certainly trying its best to heal the planet and make environmental changes that last into future generations.

5. Social Media and Technology

If there is one thing that defines Gen Z it is their usage of social media. Unlike prior generations who knew life before technology, this generation was born into the world of the internet, and thus as digital natives, they have a very different perspective on it. Social media is a defining piece of technology for Gen Z and they are using it to upend previous norms.

There is also a dark side to social media, which is rearing its ugly head across different communities, all of which fall under the umbrella of Gen Z. Self-harm, anxiety, and other mental health issues are all on the rise due to the influence of social media. One of the largest challenges Gen Z faces is learning how to use tools like social media for good, not evil.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making waves in all sorts of industries and Gen Z has taken notice. The implementation of AI in the workplace has younger folks questioning their own skill sets and worrying about whether or not they will be replaced by a robot down the line.

Gen Z also has concerns about the safety and ethics of sentient AI. Many fear that if an AI becomes powerful enough, it can begin to dictate the terms of its reality, which can lead to several unwanted outcomes. Because of this, many members of Gen Z are working to understand AI so it can be used in the right way.

7. Global Catastrophes seen by Gen Z

From the recent global pandemic to food shortages and extreme weather patterns, global catastrophes seem to be more common for younger people. On top of this, the increased media coverage of these events makes them even more omnipresent. Gen Z is worried about these kinds of issues, which compound when looking at the world as a whole.

8. Mental Health Issues of Gen Z

Mental health issues have become increasingly concerning among Gen Z. Depression, anxiety, and neuroticism are showing high frequency in the generation. There are many potential causes for this, from increased social media usage to global economic conditions.

The good news is that this generation is more aware of mental health than any previous generation. This awareness has led to a decrease in the stigma of reaching out for help from a therapist or psychologist. The generation is also making headway to increase resources for those who are worried about how to stay balanced with their mental wellbeing.

9. Social Justice

Social justice issues have the attention of Gen Z for many reasons. Progress is often a difficult process full of many setbacks. Zoomers have shown that they are willing to stand up and fight for social issues that they care about and believe in.

Gen Z is working to create improved social conditions for those who have been historically marginalized. They are also concerned with creating more equity on an institutional level, fighting for equal pay, and other issues that affect those around them. With technology at their hands, Gen Z has a path for creating more equal conditions for everyone.

10. Health Care

Finally, Gen Z also has some strong concerns about their ability to obtain quality healthcare. While healthcare is a complex subject, there are many countries where young people feel that they can’t obtain the type of care they need. Healthcare costs are also challenging when many young people face debt and few job prospects.

Zoomers have plenty of things to worry about, as you can see from the list of items described above. With any hope, this generation has the chance to reverse many of the issues they are facing and create a brighter future for themselves and those ahead of them.


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