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Christmas is an occasion of light and gifts! It is celebrated worldwide to mark the birth of Lord Christ. He teaches the world the path of love, forgiveness, hope, and tolerance. So, on this day try to forgive those who hate you and choose the way of tolerance towards others. You can delight your loved ones and even haters on this winter season by gifting! One best and beautiful gift that is apt to communicate your merry christmas wishes is fragrant Christmas flowers

Blooms are not a contemporary gift but a heart-touching presentation from the time of ancient Kings and Queens. At present, even in the midst of a plethora of modern gifts, demand for aromatic blossoms never dulls! The Internet is filled with ample varieties of blooming buds and from the expansive range, hand-picked collections are listed below. Have a scroll through the end of the content and know the top 10 Christmas flower gifts that are perfect to offer to someone dearest and nearest on this Xmas. 


This is the most popular of all the Christmas flowers globally. There is an interesting story behind the gifting of Poinsettia. It was about a Mexican girl who had nothing to give to Lord Jesus on Xmas eve. This made her feel desperate, while her cousin tried to cheer the Mexican little girl by saying “Even a small gift can make Lord Jesus Happy”. This brought a bit of light to her and on her way, she picked some weeds and shaped them into a bouquet, and went to the altar. Suddenly a miracle took place where the weeds turned out to be red bloomed petals. From that day this bloom is considered the Flower of Holy Night. So, even if you are short of money, these Christmas gifts for men or women during the winter season are sure to win their heart. 

Christmas Cactus

The word “cactus” may sound awesome to you! However, Christmas cacti are the best flower to tell the recipient that you care for them at all times. This keeps the recipient free from negativity and helps in improving him or her. The rainbow-colored florae will bloom only during the time of the Christmas season making it eye-catchy. However, the leaves of these florae will be in stable condition for a longer period. Unlike other blooms, they will not fade away easily and also they are the perfect gift to those who have pets in their residence. 


One of the commonly seen flowers used as home décor during Xmas is Holly floras. This bloom has its significance not only in Christianity but also in Celtic mythology. They considered holly florae controlled the dark (signifies winter season). In Christianity holly is regarded as a symbol of Xmas. You must be wondering how? Because the leaves of these florae are sharp indicating the thorn crown worn by Christ while red berries are regarded as the blood of Jesus. If you want to give someone a home décor gift then these Christmas flowers will be an apt choice.

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose is regarded as a symbol of love and hope and beauty. The uniqueness of these florae is that they grow in European countries during the heavy winter season. This makes the Christmas rose noble seasonal plants of the Xmas period. This blossom does not come under the rose family however as it blooms during the harsh season, it is called a Christmas rose. This is available in different colors, but the majority of breeds signify purity and endearment. If you want to shower the unspoken emotion to the nearest soul then gift these blooms along with a tempting Christmas cake.


Ivy flower signifies triumph over evil. In other words, it is considered representative of protection. A few decades back female ivy was given to cattle by farmers believing that it would keep the devil away until next Xmas eve. Some others believe Ivy brings wealth and prosperity to one’s door. So if you believe in the former story, gift these dazzling blooms to loved ones to keep them away from negativity. If not present it considering that it would bring happiness and abundance to the recipient. 


Mistletoe is a perfect blossom that you can give to someone who hates you! Because the blossom signifies love, peace, and goodwill. During the times of Vikings (people of Scandinavian Germany) mistletoe has its significance. If any of these countries were at war, mistletoe presence was there on the battlefield. If any two rivalries come under it then the war will cease until the next sunrise. So, during this celebration, the best christmas gifts you can give even to the enemy is this flower.


Pohutukawa is popularly known as New Zealand’s Christmas Tree. Because when the Christian settlers navigated to New Zealand in the December season Pohutukawa was the first to bloom. Thus, this red bright flora is highly offered as a gift on this Island. This blossom also holds a special place in Maori culture in which it signifies young warriors trying to get a place in heaven for trying to avenge their father’s death. 


If you are about to give someone with allergies then an Orchid will be a perfect choice. These blossoms are regarded as a symbol of prosperity, purity, friendship, royalty, well wishes, and good health. It is available in vivid colors and so go for the bloom that you feel apt. So whether for beguiling friendship or for expressing affection to elder ones, going with an orchid will be a good choice.


One of the beautiful Xmas blooms that is available in heart-shaped, silver-veined leaves is Cyclamen. The blossom in pretty crayon colors makes it eye-catchy and heart-touching. The blossoms bloom for around 3 to 4 months in different tints. This bloom represents empathy and devoted hearts and therefore if you want to please old age’s beloved ones this blossom will be the right choice.


This bloom is commonly attributed to love, strength, and success. The white and red colors of these florae are famous on Christmas as they add brightness to the winter season. However, you can also spot this blossom on varied hues. There are many stories for gifting Amaryllis, however, the widely believed story is that of St. Joseph Staff. So, on Xmas day send these Christmas gifts for her or him to convey your hearty wishes.

Final Verdict

The above-mentioned are the top 10 flowers you can give to loved ones this christmas season. Choose a bloom from the given-listen and make the recipient happy on Xmas eve. 


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