10 Planning Tips for Maldives Tour Package from India for Holiday this Season?

maldives tour package from india

Planning Maldives Tour Package from India for Holiday this season? You have already made an excellent choice by selecting the most appropriate destination amidst this chaos. The Maldives is the most exotic, cleanest, hygienic, and safest holiday destination, as per new research.

The Maldives is a dream holiday destination for most Indians. You’ll find more Indians here than in any other holiday destination. The best time to visit the Maldives is in Oct – January. Summertime can be sweaty and humid. If you’re a proper cheapskate and want to save some money, plan to visit the Maldives in the monsoon season. July-August, which is low season, has superb weather most of the time, and you can get all the deals at their lowest price.

We are travel enthusiasts who recently visited the Maldives with the leading travel agent of India, who offered us the best Maldives Tour Package from India at an affordable cost.

So, before packing your bags for the Maldives, do jot down these important tips and guides to help you have a comfortable and comprehensive stay in the Maldives.

The Maldives is all about paradise stay, beaches, blue waters, delicious tropical food. Even after being well prepared, there can be few problems that could ruin or even put an end to your holiday. You might be unaware of the best places to visit, or might ignore necessary documents while traveling. Why run these risks? Here are a few suggestions and tips that can help you have an exciting and pleasant stay in the Maldives.

#1 Predetermine where to stay

The Maldives is a group of islands in the Indian ocean. It has almost more than two dozen independent islands. At the same time, some are densely populated, while others are developed only for tourist purposes. Some of these islands have their runways. When you predestine your hotel and share it with your travel agent, they can suggest the best route to avoid unnecessary expenditure on commutation.

#2 Do have experience on seaplanes or speed boat rides.

Once you reach Male, the capital city of the Maldives, by your international flight from India, you’ll probably be going to another island nearby by speedboats, or seaplanes, for commuting. Either the package includes this cost, or else you might have to pay around 300 US dollars per person one way. Even though they are expensive, yet do take an experience of sea ride. You will be stunned by the massive Indian ocean and might even get a chance to travel with a whale or a dolphin.

#3 Take proper precautions while doing water sports.

Water sports like Scuba diving, go kayaking, jet-skiing, boat rides are fun activities that families and groups appreciate. Although all the activities are still professionally coordinated, it is important to follow proper measures while performing water activities. For instance, never fly soon after scuba diving. You must wait 24 hours to ensure no severe internal injuries leading to decompression or other complications.

#4 Carry adequate water whenever you leave the resort

Tap water is not drinkable in the Maldives, so either you’ll have to buy it all the time, or you can take an adequate water supply with you before leaving resorts. As all the 4star and 5-star resorts have properly filtered drinking water, it is wise to fill water in personal water bottles from the resort itself.

#5 No Alcohol on Inhabited islands.

Alcohol is banned on all inhabited islands, so if you were planning a day to visit the local inhabitants, then be sober and avoid alcohol. But, if you stay in the resort and enjoy their beaches, you can enjoy drinks while swimming or reading.

#6 Respect Local protocols and laws.

Remember to respect local laws and protocols when you are exploring the Maldives islands. Some beaches are divided into public bikini beaches and non-bikini beaches. Be careful about such perimeters and wear appropriate clothing as per the protocols to avoid any conflicts.

#7 Don’t litter and spoil the space.

The Maldives have clean sand beached and clean water. The translucent water is so pure that you can watch the reefs from the surface level itself.

Though there are only a few bins to throw away the trash, it is better to collect all your litter and dispose of it only in available bins.

#8 Do stroll on the beautiful island.

Rent neither a car nor a motorbike in these beautiful vacation stays. I strongly recommend trekking the island and enjoy the miracles of nature. The islands have a beautiful landscape that perfectly matches the backdrop of the blue hue sea.

#9 Fulfill all prerequisite for Visa

Tourist Visa is on arrival at the Maldives, so carry hotel bookings, to verify your purpose of stay. The migration form needs to be filled and submitted at the airport to get visa approval.

#10 Don’t forget to pack mosquito repellents for the Maldives Holiday.

Mosquitoes are a huge problem during your stay in the Maldives. Even though all the good resorts have an excellent arrangement to get rid of, you can still wear repellent to avoid mosquito bites. We recommend taking some strong mosquito repellent with you to wear your favorite short dress on your dream vacation.

The Best Maldives Holiday Planning Tip For This Season

The Maldives is becoming a hot pick for every vacation lover. Honeymoon couples, families, and even wedding troupes are keen on visiting this island. As a travel expert, Anurag Kothari of roaming routes advises that the Maldives holiday trip should be brief. He says that. You will be wasting your time and money for any itinerary that would be more than 5 days.

A weekend getaway is best for Maldives Tour Package from India. They are not only reasonably priced but also served the purpose of holidays.

To get the maximum benefits to choosing a customized Maldives Tour Package from India for holiday. With these customized tour packages to the Maldives, you can choose your departure and arrival destination, the willing resort, interested activities, and a number of days in the Maldives. With a customized budget, you get the advantage of accommodating the Maldives holiday package in your budget.

Take-Away the Blog

Holiday packages are best meant to travel abroad. The travel agency has local representatives who are well aware of the weather, decorum, and best deals prevailing in real-time. Booking Maldives Tour Package from India for Holiday with roaming routes will help you to get the best deals of Maldives and will also ensure a safe and luxurious stay. They have experienced travel agents who specialize in scheduling Maldives holidays from India with the ace.

When you plan a holiday to the Maldives, get hold of the best Maldives holiday package that can range from Rs 65000-Rs1,00,000 for less than a week. They can arrange your stay, commutes, and all other auxiliaries of traveling. You have choices to pick any resort from the varied list.

There are different options for snorkeling and deep-sea diving. 

Snorkeling with shark and dolphin, submarine tours, and all activities related to water you can enjoy on the Maldives holiday package tour.

To Conclude the list of things to pay attention to when going to the Maldives focus on where to stay, where to eat, how to travel, what to pack, and things to do in the Maldives. Planning a trip like a wanderlust is all about exploring new places and understanding local customs and traditions, but when you travel with friends, family, or as couples, we basically look for comfort, safety, and luxury. At the same time, we don’t want the holiday trip to get heavy on our pockets.


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