10 Minute Workout Routine To Fit Body And Healthy Mind

10 Minute Workout Routine To Fit Body And Healthy Mind

You don’t have to go through your complicated workouts to achieve effective results. You can follow a much more buzz worthy morning routine than the extensive workout routines. 

Minor workouts are also good when travelling to keep your body active without feeling tired. Consistent workouts before you head off to work, school, or other errands permit you to establish a good morning routine.

The 10-minute workout routine is easy to follow as you don’t have to ditch the essential “Me” time. However, no matter how short the exercise routine is, consult your doctor, then go for these six steps in this exercise routine to make the most out of your exercise and the mornings. 

Let’s begin and know what those six steps are. 

Warm Up Your Body

Before you move to another experience, you must warm up your body appropriately. So, begin with warm-up exercises like jogging, high knees and jumping jacks. Provide 2 minutes to each of the exercises. The expressive will help you warm up things and your body to improve the effectiveness of your entire workout. Complete the warm-up with 30 seconds of dynamic stretches, such as arm circles or hip circles. 


You will need a body board for the first exercise in the routine. There are many best body boards that you can choose. However, if you don’t have one, no worries, you can perfectly perform the exercise on your own. 

  • Lay down on the floor and spread your arms right before you. 
  • Slightly, keep your arm straight with your shoulders and put pressure on your palms to lift your body. 
  • If you have a body board, keep your palms on the body board once you lift your upper body. Slowly lay it down with the help of your arm. Repeat the step from 4 to 5 times to complete the exercise.
  • The exercises train us to use proper form and core strength and enhance stability. It coaches you with the correct movements and patterns. A resistance band is one of the excellent tools to achieve all of these in one go. The pull up resistance bands offer you the opportunity to achieve a sculpted body at your home without any issue. Maintaining the variety of resistance bands comes in the light to hard resistance to provide you with different benefits. Speaking of the benefits, here are the benefits it provides.
  • Benefits: 

    • The resistance bands can deliver maximum results when combined with exercises like pull-ups. It can make those exercises a bit easy and more effective. 
    • Just like the other two pieces of equipment on the list, the resistance bands are cost-effective equipment to have in your home. You can easily store them, so over-occupancy is required.
    • Working with the resistance bands provides you with the same benefits but greater and more active results than any other exercise. 
    • The persistent tension from the band adds an extra element of the required stabilization in your body to keep during the exercise. This often means it helps you to maintain the core balance in your body, snapping into place, increasing stimulation, and stabilizing the motion through a full range of motion. 
    • The bands are suitable for every age group and can deliver resistance depending on the person’s preference. Elderly people can also try resistance bands to eliminate joint pain and other issues associated with the joints. 
    • Stretches are the most of the workout, and resistance bands can help you achieve pre and post-workout mobility with a range of motions and effective stretches. You don’t require another person to hold on to your stretches and extend your reach with bands; you can do it independently.

Speed Skater:

  • Stand with a slight knee bend and keep your feet hip-width apart.
  • Then, with your arms on your sides, slightly jump to the left and land on the left foot. Your right leg will cross diagonally while your right arm is swinging across your body and your left arm swings behind you.
  • After that, keep a pause for 1 second. Now you can jump to the right and slowly land on your right foot. Your left leg will cross diagonally while your left arm swings across your body and your right arm swings behind you.
  • Repeat the hops back and forth for 40 seconds.

Glute Bridge: 

The next exercise you can do is the Glute Bridge to target your lower body.

  • First, lie down calmly on your back with your knees bent. You can also employ a yoga mat for extra support. Make sure to keep your feet flat on the floor, plus your arms at your sides.
  • Now, engage your core plus the glutes, press your feet to the floor, and lift your hips. Then, raise your hips until your entire body comes straight from shoulders to knees.
  • Pause in this posture for a few seconds.
  • Manage the starting position of your body and relate the exercise for 1 to 2 minutes.

Reflex Punch Ball Exercise: 

To make the exercise routine a little buzz worthy, you can add a reflex punch ball to your exercise routine. Punch balls are a great way to improve focus and stretch your upper body muscles. The 5 minutes of this exercise will benefit you, equal to half an hour in the gym. 

  • To start the exercise, tie the ball to your head with the headgear. 
  • Slowly swing the head to create momentum in the ball. 
  • Once the ball comes back to you, hit the ball with a punch. 
  • Repeat the same exercise 2 to 3 times. It might be difficult initially, but if you keep performing it regularly, you will enjoy it more than any other exercise. 

Plank Hip Dips:

To begin with, this exercise, posture your body in a forearm plank position. Bent your elbows under the shoulders and keep your feet hip-width apart as your body is straight in a line. 

  • Then start to engage your core in the exercise by gently rotating your right hip to the right and tilting it towards the floor. Avoid touching the floor. 
  • Slowly return your body to the starting position and then turn your left hip to the left and tilt it towards the floor to avoid touching it. 
  • Keep practicing with alternative sides and engage your core the entire time you exercise. 

Relax Your Body

Last but not least, relax your body. It is essential as, after the exercise, your body starts to pump, resulting in increased heart rate. A bit of relaxation will help your mussels return to their original position without causing trouble and pain. Further, it will help you make your body active and prevent soreness in the muscle. 

Advantages Of 10 Minutes Exercise Routine

Here are some of the benefits of this morning routine. 

Active Body & Mind

Exercising routine will leave you with a more active body and mind. You will be able to start your day full of energy and happiness.

Better Digestion

When you exercise, your body can more easily eliminate the toxic and free radicals, which results in increased appetite and better digestion. 

Less Stress 

As mentioned before, working out in the morning is good for both your body and mind. But along with it, exercising also improves brain functions. So, you will be able to make better decisions in complex situations. 

Receive Free Vitamin D 

Mornings only have mild temperatures, which is ideal for the workout. Morning sun is less sharp and easy on the body, so you can work out more in the sunlight to receive a good amount of vitamin D. 

Similar Benefits

This ten-minute workout provides you with benefits similar to any other workout session you will spend in the gym. So, this mild workout makes a good choice to start.

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