10 Key Reasons To Choose React Native For Mobile App Development

10 Key Reasons To Choose React Native For Mobile App Development

It’s hard to imagine a life today without having digital means around you. Especially, mobile has become an integral part of everyone’s life and experience convenient ways to book, order, or find something. Your digital business has to rely on a mobile application to reach an extensive line of customers, offer widespread products/services, and increase revenue.

When it comes to developing a profitable application, there is no shortage of framework. React Native is one of the most popular app development frameworks for businesses to create a cross-platform applications. Skype, Walmart, Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, Baidu Mobile, and various others are all React Native-based cross-platform apps.

React Native apps ensure fast performance, seamless development, and synchronous API. There are other reasons as well to hire React Native developers and start with cross-platform app development.

Top ten reasons to rely on React Native for mobile app development

1. Ensure Fast Development

It’s more than half of a decade since the successful implementation of React Native framework. It has powered several brand applications and features robust community support. The framework is growing with each passing day due to adopting a single codebase for developing the apps. Developers experience a hassle-free manner to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in the shortest possible time. Thus, it allows you to create a cross-platform application in the shortest

2. Cross-Platform App Development

It is possible to develop a cross-platform mobile app based on React Native. Using a single codebase, developers can create both Android and iOS applications with having a customized choice of features. The app for both platforms offers an upscale level of performance, speed, agility, and efficiency for your business. You need not required different languages like Java, Swift, C++, or any other to develop cross-platform apps that provide a native app-like experience.

3. Reusable Code

When you decide to avail of React Native app development services, you are on your way to saving the cost of mobile app development. It is because developers can reuse the prebuilt codes to develop Android and iOS. No need to write separate codes for different platforms. Developers can use prebuilt libraries based on JavaScript that help increase efficiency, reduce cost, and speed up the development process. Moreover, you can develop a feature-rich application for the business to meet the desired objectives.

4. Hot Reloading

React Native comprises of code reloading feature. It allows the developers to work with the changed code quickly. The hot reloading feature of the framework allows adoption to change quickly. Once are changes are made, then the same are reflected live across the entire app. It reloads only a specific area of the app and allows the development process to be more manageable and transparent.

5. Transform Any Web Project

Because of the reusable code feature of React Native, one update is required for both the app platforms. It simplifies the error finding and bugs detection process to an optimum extent. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of React Native allows developers to understand the project who were not involved earlier. Professionals get to understand the basics of the product, spend fewer hours writing relevant test cases, and more.

6. Compatible with 3rd Party Tools & Less Memory Usage

React Native framework is fully compatible with third-party tools and modules that ensure smoother runtime. With several modules, developers can connect the plugin to the native module in a hassle-free manner. This phase helps the app receive a faster response time. Moreover, the framework uses less memory space for keeping the inputs of both Android and iOS applications.

7. Easy to Debug

Debugging is not a pleasant job. On the contrary, it is hectic and cumbersome for app developers. In the case of a single codebase by React Native framework, debugging is simple for developers and finds relaxation in finding errors shortly. With this framework, developers need not work for countless hours on two different codebases. A single codebase will let you find the errors shortly and resolve the same from all operating systems.

8. Cost-Effective Development

Money is an integral factor when starting up or extending your existing digital business. Especially for startups, budget constraints matter a lot and they need to figure out app development at a less cost. React Native assures affordable app development and that too for cross-platform apps. With the help of React Native developers, you can develop a customized app based on organizational objectives without spending much cost.

9. Application Performs As a Native App

As already mentioned before, mobile apps created using React Native framework perform exactly like a native application. Developers use Native components while developing cross platforms without using the WebView system components. It helps create Android and iOS apps at the same time and experience an upscale level of UI, optimum speed, and a high level of performance.

10. React Native Will Last Long

React Native mobile app developer is in great demand these days. The framework has extended its reach wide across the app development ecosystem. Even Facebook makes sure that it stays longer and will not eradicate soon. With each passing day, the framework helps several brands create result-oriented mobile applications that serve organizational purposes.

Final Analysis

As you see above, React Native is a hype technology for enterprises to develop cross-platform apps by using a single codebase. A framework by Facebook is creating profitable apps across the ecosystem and helps increase the revenue of enterprises. Rely on the framework to develop Android and iOS apps in the shortest possible time and meet the organizational requirements with ease. With the framework, you can develop multi-dimensional and dynamic applications at a less cost.

To get started, connect with the professional developers of ReactJSIndia and discuss your project requirements. The pioneer experts of the company have assisted several brands in creating a mobile apps and reaching their full potential.

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Chandan Kumar is a Certified Developer at a renowned IT company in India. He has 5 years of experience in the industry and has built hundreds of ReactJs websites for global clients. He is also a passionate blogger and loves sharing his expertise and development trends through his blogs and articles.


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