10 Hiking Destinations to Look Into For Summer


Many people love the rewarding feeling of your heart pounding as you begin to trek up a steep mountain. For some nature enthusiasts, the simplicity of lacing on a pair of hiking boots and trekking out into rural terrain has a powerful allure. The crisp fresh air, the seclusion, and the tranquility of the landscape are some of the factors that encourage hikers to undertake treks and hiking paths throughout the world. 

Popular hiking paths are located across the globe in many kinds of terrain, and some give access to historical artifacts. In the Himalayas, old walking pathways link settlements and pass past the highest mountains in the world. In other regions of the globe, hikes will take you to ancient ruins, into deep valleys, along windy shores, or to dizzying heights. Here is a list of 10 Hiking Destinations you may want to visit in your life. 


1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 

This Park includes more than 300 miles of hiking paths, and this one is perfect for novices or those who wish to bring the family along. This is a popular trek of slightly more than 3 miles, so make sure to arrive early if you’re going in the summer. Colorado is a state with very high elevation and the height of the mountains may make adjusting a little more difficult, so make sure you have the proper supplies for your adventure. 

2. Scotland Western Isles Hiking

Experience the marvels of wild and beautiful Scotland on this 9-day hiking tour, including Cairngorms National Park, Loch Ness, the ancient Caledonian Pine Forest, and the breathtaking Isle of Skye. Enjoy a sip at Tomatin Whisky Distillery and enjoy genuine Scottish hospitality every step of the way.

3. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is one of the most iconic places in Africa, and the journey to the summit is on many people’s bucket lists. In reality, over 30,000 individuals undertake this walk each year. Depending on the route, your odds of finishing the hike are pretty excellent.

The view from the top over the surrounding area is stunning, particularly around morning when most hikers attempt to the peak. The trek to the peak and back down typically takes approximately five or six days, depending on your degree of fitness and acclimatization rate.

4. Teton Crest Trail, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Best from mid-summer through mid-September, you will be amazed by the natural beauty and fauna in this Park. You may make this 37-mile trek a multi-day walk or make it a one-day event by simply hiking part of it. Along the journey, you’ll see the alpine lakes among the Teton Range, meadows full of wildflowers, bison, moose, deer, and an array of other species. Beware that both black bears and grizzlies inhabit the Park as well.

5. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA

The lovely vistas from the summit and the feeling of success are worth all the work. You’ll get 360-degree views out over the neighboring mountains. However, the view from the summit is not the only reward, and you’ll also pass past Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls along the route.

The final stretch of the path is a steep grunt up over the barren rock. Fortunately, the park administration has installed wires and wooden slats over the route to protect anyone from sliding down. They have also developed a movie on the Half Dome walk to assist hikers in choosing whether this is an adventure they wish to do.

Note that hiking half dome permits are necessary if you are to be allowed anywhere near the hiking area. Only 300 hikers are permitted every day under this method, and 50 per day on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to get your permit as soon as you start to plan your trip to avoid any issues. 


6. Yosemite National Park’s Lower Yosemite Falls, California

See North America’s highest waterfall, with 2,400 feet of water cascading from above. This gorgeous hike is a reasonably short half-mile round trip trek on paved trails, making it ideal for families with children or anyone with mobility concerns.

7. National Park of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is unique on Earth, and Grand Canyon National Park sits at the core of this 277-mile-long natural wonder. Additionally, it is one of the top trekking destinations in the world. It has all of the essential criteria of an excellent hiking destination: breathtaking scenery, large open areas, ideal routes, seclusion, and ecological integrity.

The most famous part, the Corridor, has the mildest routes and a resort named Phantom Ranch at the foot of the Canyon. However, outside the Corridor, several more secret pathways allow you to enjoy incredible desert environments and wallow in soul-nourishing seclusion

8. Hiking Through Spain and France Across the Pyrenees

Explore the historic mountain kingdoms of Aragón and Catalonia; finish each day at a quaint country inn. These mountain ranges straddle the border of Spain and France, they are surrounded by greenery and immense beauty. 

9. Hawaii’s Iao Valley State Park

This central Maui park is ideal for a day trek along its paved route. Along with trekking, visitors may explore waterfalls, plants, flowers, and animals, as well as swim and have a picnic. This is an excellent alternative for children! You can plan a day trip with your family to explore all this state park has to offer.

10. Trolltunga

Conducting a trek just for photographic purposes may seem to be negating the adventure’s goal, but trekking to Trolltunga might be an exception. While you are not hiking mainly to take photographs, you cannot reach this renowned cliff without stopping at the “Troll’s Tongue,” a diving-board structure stretching into free air 700m above Ringedalsvatnet. This lake supplies hydroelectric power to local settlements.

The trek to Trolltunga is strenuous, with an elevation increase of 900m. It winds through vast expanses of granite, providing vistas of fjords, valleys, and snow-capped peaks. Following that, there are hard rises followed by flat portions.

These are just a few locations we recommend you check out, however, there are many beautiful hiking destinations in the world you can look into! We hope you enjoyed this read and hopefully it helped to inspire you to travel and hike more this year.


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