10 Golden Rules of Logo Design Every Designer Should Know


A logo’s objective is to connect with the audience and to create something unique and memorable. For example, you must first define your practice’s identity when designing a logo. Here are five techniques for designing a stunning logo that will stand the test of time.

1. Keep it Simple

At a glance, the logo should be instantly recognized. Make adjustments to account for changes in dimension and color. Great logos provide something unexpected and one-of-a-kind without being excessively complicated.

Starbucks’ logo is well-known around the world. The history behind the company’s emblem sets it apart from its competitors. Can you think of any other internationally renowned coffee company with a logo as unique as Starbucks, where the story and beliefs pervade the identity in a plain manner? The execution of the logo is straightforward and symmetrical, and its adaptability to a variety of functions reveals how simple the visual representation is.

2. Make it Unforgettable

A strong design should be easily remembered. Maintain a plain and appropriate tone for the industry. You can see Audi logos all over the world. Children begin playing games at a young age to learn which autos they identify based on their identities.

Examine the Audi logo. For a vehicle fan, these four circles are unforgettable. Anyone who is interested in premium sports automobiles is familiar with the Audi logo design.

3. Make it Everlasting

A logo design should be timeless and devoid of fads. However, it must be able to resist the passage of time. So what will your logo look like ten years from now?

The London Underground logo has withstood the test of time. The identification is about 100 years old and has become an international icon; it is still in use today.

4. Keep it Flexible

A great logo can come in a variety of sizes and colors. Your brand should be versatile enough to appear on items ranging from a pen to a jet. This large physical scale in consumption shows how a brand must work across a diverse group of assets.

5. Does it Suit Your Brand?

A good logo must be practical. The logo should be appropriate for the intended audience. For example, a logo for a toy store may be bright and vibrant in its execution; but the same cannot be said for a law office. To learn more check postingtree.

6. Is it Original?

Just one logo calls for a one-of-a-kind design approach. This is the point in the logo design process where creativity meets smart ideas and a firm grasp of client design. An experienced graphic designer can respond to your logo aims while keeping all of these variables in mind, resulting in something really distinctive.

7. Is it Scalable?

Having said that, your logo should be scalable to any size. For example, is it possible to print it on a giant billboard and a little pen? Returning to the topic of adaptability, we all know that the logo design should be scalable to represent your company wherever.

A scalable logo should make sense to the user. Similarly, whether printed on a little business card or a giant poster, it should look excellent and be legible at every size. If your logo has too much information, scaling it down to a small size will be challenging.

8. Balance & Proportion

People appear to find well-balanced designs appealing. A well-balanced design will strike a balance between the many elements that make up your logo.

The gravity of each component of your logo is referred to as its proportion. From a practical aspect, having the correct proportions will help your logo be full and make sense.

Asymmetrical logos are balanced by equally weighted components on either side of a central line. Asymmetrical logos, on the other hand, can be balanced by using opposite weights to create a composition that is not equal but yet maintains balance.

9. Ingenious

A logo must represent a business brand’s own personality while also alluding to the industry and the firm’s unique value offer. When a logo incorporates all of these characteristics in a brilliant and simple visual design, it quickly interacts with the audience and meets the branding goal.

Consider what the company’s logo says about it, as well as the brand’s specific value proposition. Consider whether your logo helps to distinguish your company from the competition. You must choose a logo that properly reflects the personality and emotion of your brand.

10. Avoid Logo Cliches

In recent years, logo designers have produced some cliched work that many businesses have embraced without success as part of their brand identity. Designers all across the world have used a variety of logo design concepts on several occasions. For example, instead of expressing the value of the company’s brand, these designs just produce a cheap hallmark of the company’s brand.

While following the current trend should be avoided at all costs, you should also avoid these design clichés. They have the ability to dull and monotonize your design, which is the polar opposite of the purpose of logo design.

11. Logo Aesthetics Matter

Once you have a strong understanding of the company’s specific brand identity and service offering, you must translate this into an acceptable design. Merge a number of design components to get your vision to come to life. Every detail matters, from the typeface, colors, shapes, and images to the layout. Rather than attempting to mold all of these design elements at once, it is vital to approach each component one at a time and create the design step by step.

Consider the design aesthetic that would be ideal for your logo before selecting the design components.

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