10 Features Every Developer Professionals Should Know About Selenium Testing Tool!


55141 Companies using Selenium & Market Share of Selenium is 27.48%

Selenium is a set-up of open-source programming testing automation tools. That is turned into the true item in the quality assurance world. With a list of many programming languages, all working frameworks, and programs upheld, Selenium is as of now utilized in organizations such as Netflix, Google, HubSpot, Fitbit, and that’s just the beginning. The entire suite gives a scope of answers for various testing issues and needs. Further in the article, we’ll discuss these testing tools, and the reasons Selenium stayed relevant after countless years since its creation. However, until further notice, we should inspect what it is about Selenium that made it such a big deal.

Open Source

One of the main advantages of Selenium is its Open Source Accessibility. As it is an open-source device, anybody can download the source code and use it. It can likewise be refactored because of venture prerequisites. This works on the usefulness of predefined capacities and classes. Selenium has transformed into the most trustworthy web automation device because of the simplicity of creating test content to approve its usefulness.

Selenium isn’t the main automation testing tool available, however, the main free one can rival paid items. As you might have found in our robotized testing instruments examination, Katalon Studio is the main reason for other options however it doesn’t give that enormous of a language decision, doesn’t deal with Linux, and essentially doesn’t have a fanbase behind it.’

Selenium’s open-source status makes a device with a precarious expectation to learn and adapt a low section point for new companies and autonomous engineers. Nothing unexpected that considerably greater organizations don’t hurry to change to paid choices and offer two or three thousand dollars, in addition, to support when Selenium holds up.

Multi-Language Support

This should be the outright and most basic element for any software knowledgeable person to get into the Automation Testing space. As a rule, ventures might like to stay with the language currently being used by analyzers and consequently kill the requirement for learning another dialect.

In any case, in a few cases, it is advantageous to choose another language. Selenium is important in such circumstances. For example, if the group is new, or on the other hand assuming the product is being redone and the heritage language is currently old, Selenium permits the choice to choose a new and more straightforward language for testing. WebDriver upholds the majority of the programming dialects like JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, and so on It additionally allows us to pick any of the programming dialects to compose our arrangement of mechanization test scripts.’

It additionally permits utilizing a more productive approach to composing robotization scripts like utilizing contingent explanations, switches proclamations, dynamic articulations to reinforce the computerization content and make it fit for dealing with every one of the circumstances.

Multi-Browser Support: 

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge are the most generally utilized programs worldwide and are viable with Selenium scripts. One can make Test scripts and execute them in these programs with next to no changes in the script.

That implies it isn’t expected to change the contents for each program, only one content for all programs, with the assistance of browser drivers. WebDriver communicates with the web applications and their web components in a program. Very much like a genuine client with the utilization of a program local help to hit direct calls without utilizing some other discontinuous gadget or programming. You can send off any program with the assistance of simple orders. Selenium WebDriver likewise upholds the HTMLUnitDriver, iPhoneDriver, and AndroidDriver.

Platform Support

Indeed, another benefit we get with Selenium Training in Chennai! We want not to make a fuss over the system setup. When we make test scripts on any OS, they can be executed on some other working framework. For Example, on the off chance that we make Selenium test scripts on the Windows stage, similar contents can be executed on different stages like Mac or Linux. This engages QA Engineers/Testers to compose the contents without giving a lot of consideration on the stage.

Framework Availability and Flexibility

Frameworks are like layouts. They give a structure to your contents and help in making code upkeep simple. Frameworks give expanded code re-use, higher transportability, decreased script support cost, and higher code coherence. There are various systems like  Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and so on. There are a wide variety of frameworks that help Selenium when contrasted with other test automation tools in a similar class. For instance, Test the executives and Test regulator exercises (conditions, gathering, and so on) are performed by different structures when we coordinate (ex: TestNG, JUnit) with Selenium.

Subsequently, it is more adaptable and versatile concerning computerization improvement and upkeep. The adaptability that Selenium gives is practically unparalleled in the test mechanization world. To begin with, we have ten upheld dialects, among which are Java, Ruby, C#, PHP, JavaScript, and Python – all among the present most utilized programming dialects. It’s likewise the main standard device that covers Linux testing. For a nitty-gritty and refreshed rundown of upheld program forms, allude to this page.

Remote Control/Parallel Test Execution

Automated testing intends to save time and exertion. Various test contents should be executed in equal, to decrease the test execution time. With the assistance of Selenium Grid, numerous contents can be executed on remote machines. This is one of the most fundamental benefits of Selenium. Moreover, we can utilize Online Selenium Grids, for instance, Lambda Test, which helps admittance to more than 2000 program conditions, over which we can run out tests and computerize cross-program testing. With the developing interest in testing expectations, it is profoundly vital to execute the test scripts rapidly and effectively.


As we are aware, Selenium test scripts can be executed in different programs and working frameworks. Additionally, tests written in Selenium decrease a ton of manual endeavors expected in running them over and again.


Selenium can be incorporated with TestNG and Junit for managing test scripts and creating reports. Continuous Integration testing tends to be coordinated with CI/CD instruments like Jenkins, Maven, Docker, and so on. To perform picture-based testing, the Sikuli tool is utilized to incorporate Selenium. In like manner, we can coordinate numerous different apparatuses with Selenium for better use. Selenium was following the Agile and DevOps story before these words were even tried. The entire idea of Selenium falls impeccably into the primary standards behind Agile, DevOps, or Continuous Delivery. How precisely is this accomplished?

  • Since it’s versatile across all stages and regularly doesn’t need learning new dialects, Selenium takes into consideration unequaled adaptability.
  • Selenium effectively integrates with different advancement stages, for example, Jenkins, Maven, TestNG, QMetry, SauceLabs, etc. Parallel and cross-program testing with Selenium Grid and outside cloud-lattices, for example, LambdaTest permits engineers to get input a lot quicker and work on the progressions immediately as opposed to standing by for the time being for a test pass.

Supports Mobile Testing

With Selenium, you can likewise test local, hybrid, or web mobile applications, however, you’ll require extra programming. There are two principal choices – Appium and Selendroid. They are both in Selenium with the goal that designers previously knowledgeable in it can apply similar standards while testing portable applications.

Both tools are open source and have extraordinary local area support. The main difference is that Appium upholds iOS, Android, and Windows gadgets, while Selendroid centers only around Android. Selendroid likewise packages with Appium so when you test for Android adaptations 2.3 through 4.3, the program will consequently change to Selendroid.

It might appear to be that involving Appium is a more coherent decision as it doesn’t restrict you to one OS. Nonetheless, it seems OK to simply utilize Selendroid assuming you’re wanting to test Android only. It likewise has a couple of clever highlights, for example, “hot stopping” – you can connect gadgets and turn off them without intruding on the tests, expanding the number of emulators or equipment gadgets that can be tried simultaneously.

There are two more specialty tools you should know comparably well:

  • Robotium – a black-box testing system for Android
  • ios-driver – a Selenium WebDriver API for iOS testing coordinated with Selenium Grid

Huge Community

Enlyft (previously iDataLabs), a data-driven research organization, gives an interesting understanding of the software testing tools market. You can see that Selenium takes a stunning 27.48 percent of the pie of all software testing tools, with its nearest rival Apache Jmeter taking a little more than 10% – amazing statistics.

As one of the pioneers in current automated testing, Selenium procured a fanbase of engineers in key parts like Google and new businesses, as well. The job postings for QA experts incorporate Selenium capability as one of the necessary abilities.

There are options in contrast to Selenium, which we referenced previously, however, their evaluation goes from a couple of thousand dollars to $10k. Having a remarkable free tool within reach keeps old analyzers faithful to Selenium, and new ones becoming fans.

Furthermore, they are becoming fans, according to their interest in online courses. Many bit by bit YouTube instructional exercises, a theme on Quora with 48k adherents, and 84k inquiries on StackOverflow signal a huge, blooming local area, which conveys more Selenium ability to the market.

Other than giving an amazing chance to get down-to-earth replies to your inquiries from your analyzers, such a local area likewise continually delivers helpful item updates and redesigns.

Regular Updates

Selenium is supported by a functioning local area. The Selenium group routinely delivers consistent updates and upgrades. The best part about having a local area is that these updates and upgrades are prepared to utilize and straightforward. Selenium has impressive help and acknowledgment from different networks and sellers.

This makes Selenium an Industry Standard Tool as opposed to being considered just an open-source device. Since Selenium is a finished bundle of different automated testing arrangements, organizations all around the world have begun involving it in testing the easiest as well as the most perplexing programming applications. With its various benefits and simple-to-utilize highlights, Selenium ends up being one of the most mind-blowing mechanized testing devices for the IT business.

Large library of plugins and extensions

Selenium can be extended past its standard usefulness with a wide scope of modules. Some of them are to some degree formally embraced by Selenium (like Appium and Selendroid), however, you can track down more unsupported ones on Github. Make certain to likewise research “Selenium modules <tool name>” and you might track down an augmentation for a simple combination with your #1 programming item, like Jenkins or Eclipse. These plugins exist for WebDriver as well as for Grid and Selenium IDE. The last ones are particularly broad, ready to fortify the practically frail device and prepare its creation.

Scope of Selenium Testing: 

As net applications are thought to be the ensuing enormous element for loads of associations around the world. Investigate automation market trends that are bit by bit developing with a huge interest with Selenium. Many top organizations globally depend upon Selenium resources for their test mechanization needs. Assuming that you’re ready to plunge profound into investigating automation and its advantage from prevalent level information in it, then, at that point.

Selenium will help you to land a higher and more beneficial job for your vocation. Nonetheless, no product program has at any point been delivered without bugs. This truly represents that the need for computerization testing is ever. Subsequently, the future shows up brilliant for Selenium with boundless open doors. Last yet truly not least, what capacities must you have to end up being a Selenium Professional.

Java for Selenium

Most software testing organizations like to utilize selenium web drivers with professionals who have Java Training for testing web applications. Notwithstanding, utilizing python rather than Java offers the simplicity of composing scripts. This frequently carries analyzers to the topic of which mix is better for selenium test automation. In the following couple of moments, we will jump into the subtleties to realize. The reason why Java is the better decision while utilizing these dialects with web drivers.

Automation testing is the most common way of composing code. That tests the application consequently with practically no human intercession. Produces results that can be examined for additional testing or announcing purposes. This further diminishes testing endeavors and helps in conveying quality programming with more speed and reasonableness.

However it at first requires an expense to foster an automation test suite yet helps in conveying better quality programming. Less exertion throughout some time as less labor supply will be expected to perform repetitive assignments.

Repetitive testing or rehashing a bunch of experiment execution is exceptionally regular in ceaseless conveyance improvement models and subsequently, programming is inclined to make mistakes in such a climate. Automation Testing can turn into a drawn-out task concerning cross-stage or cross-program testing.


With regards to Selenium testing training, Infycle Technologies is one of the enormous names out there. It’s an open-source device with a colossal local area, numerous reconciliations, and strong capacities. However, selenium isn’t a trying silver slug. Like some other tools, it accompanies its portion of drawbacks. Here, we gave you a glance at probably the main advantages and disadvantages of Selenium.

Presently you’re more ready to settle on a good choice regardless of whether Selenium is the right tool for yourself as well as your association. Assuming you wind up concluding that Selenium’s problem areas are not for you.

Then search for instruments that can ease such torments. All the more explicitly, we’d welcome you to investigate Testim, an AI-fueled test automation device. That utilizes savvy methodologies to produce dependable and powerful test suites.


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