10+ Birthday Cakes Trending No. 1 on Social Media

birthday cake

A delicious dish on the day of delightment is considered as the synonym of happiness. Luscious cakes are the foremost thought that pops up in everyone’s mind when hearing about happy occasions. The scintillating taste will automatically satiate the taste buds with its sweet smell and eye-catchy designs. You might have eaten the cake with eyes before the fork got to dig into the cake slice. It isn’t a herculean task to get a palatable Birthday Cake of your favorite flavor. With the advent of online cake portals, it has become quicker than before to order for gateaus. 

In this new-gen world, everybody is running behind insta-worthy or social-media-worthy products to snap a photo to post on social media platforms. Many prefer to share the delicacy that they bought for their dearest one’s big days on internet platforms. Listed below are some of the top trending ones on social media platforms as of now.

Choco Pinata Cake

If you are pondering the best and trending Happy Birthday Cakes on the portals, you will find this choco piñata cake leading at the top. The heavenly taste of the moist spongy cake can be tasted only if you break the hard-coated choco ball with a little hammer provided. This trending cake will make the moment even more delightful for the person. 

Drizzled Coconut Cake

The angelic-looking white cream cake is one of the top trending Beautiful Birthday Cakes on the internet. The spongy vanilla cake garnished with the grated coconuts makes it delectable. The richness of the coconut milk in the baking process makes it healthier and tastier than every other usual cake. The frosted coconut shreds used for decorating all around the gateau will drool on your dearest one for sure.

Half-Wrapped Cake

The frosted cakes with contrasting layers of cakes are half-wrapped with frosting creams. It makes it attractive and tasty with its look. This cake variety is trending on social media where there are several options for choosing the toppings of the cake. Grab this Online Birthday Cake from any trustworthy portal and present it to your adorable one.  

Macarons Designed Cake

The snack that is loved by many as is easy to make is available with creamy sponge cakes. Doesn’t that make you feel drooled for a moment? A Macaron Designer cake for birthdays makes it extra special and can give a big breath of relief to normal birthday gateaux from online sites. The macarons decorated with the cake make it yummier.

Novelty Cake

It is the buttercream delight that comes with the full-fondant frontal cake. Typically designed cakes accordingly for your dearest ones are found on the internet and are all way trending on several media platforms. If you desire to order Birthday cake of this type for your little prince/princess, they will be at cloud nine even from the first sight itself.

Fault Line Cake

This typically buttercream decorated cake is an all-time favorite of many and the under layers of the cakes will be visible. The midsection of the cake will be patterned with contrasting colors and other embellishments. There are many versions of these cakes with stripes, and even with gold leaf and sprinkles. Place the order from the topmost page and elate your precious one on their big day.

Creamy Banana Cake

Make your adorable grandma’s birthday worth remembering by ordering the creamy Banana Cake from any prominent page on the internet. Banana is treated with cream and sugar syrup to make it extra delicious with the spongy vanilla cake. The richness of the banana flavor will satiate your dearest one in every single bite. 

Naked Cake

These are the all-time trending cake on social media which is attractive with their smooth texture. They are available in variant flavors and taste accordingly for the occasion. To add on a particular touch to the treasured one’s birthday, place the order of this naked sponge cake at reliable rates from a top-scored portal.

Vanilla Donut Cake

The luscious variety of vanilla cake in the structure of donuts is available on the cake portals at decent costs. It is trending on the sites with its deliciousness and texture. The smooth and soft cake will melt-in-mouth condition and give a fabulous treat to your most loved ones.

Coffee Cake

Would you wish to surprise your mom or dad on their birthday? Then you need to choose this coffee cake if you are a big coffee addict. You can never believe that these cakes are available in different flavors. Filter coffee cakes are trendsetters in recent days and all the caffeine lovers are sure to fall for it at the first sight for sure. This can also be the best dessert for your sleepy friend who always needs a cup of caffeine to make themselves active. Make their day memorable with some funny lines on the top. For more of your surprise, you can even ask your baker to add some choco chips on the top and make it crunchy too. Why should all the birthday cakes be creamy? Let it be crunchy too!

Strawberry Photo Cake 

The scrumptious strawberry photo cake would change the birthday to a miraculous day. Give it to your husband and it will put a cheeky smile on his face. This is an amazing personalized variety that will make him feel more special. If you send his snap to the online portal, then they will help you to modify it with the picture. This is made of fresh berries and cream that has a velvety texture. When he bites a piece of the dessert, it will take him to the silky with the luscious savor.

Glossy Chocolate Truffle Cake

If your better half loves chocolate, then this soft and luxurious cake is sure for her. The secret lies in its sweetness and glossy appearance. The truffle cake has the sweetness of the cream and is another delicious version of the chocolate cake. It tastes great, and its classic look is enough to thank this wonderful cake. All of its glorious features know how to win the heart of your female friend and make the celebration fun and memorable.

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Final Thought

Ease your shopping for trending cakes for your precious one’s birthday with any of the mentioned kuchen. Hope the article has aided you with knowledge of the top trending nine cakes on social media platforms.


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