10 Best Websites to Build Backlinks to Your Website

10 Best Websites to Build Backlinks to Your Website

Are you looking for the best websites to build backlinks to your website or how to generate backlinks for your Blog?

Backlinks are used a lot in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) but do you know what is backlinks? So let us tell you about the backlink through this article today. Which helps in bringing your blog to the top ranking in google. So know that What is Backlinks & How to Create Backlinks? 10 Best Websites to Build Backlinks to Your Website

What is Backlink?

When a website or webpage links to another website or webpage, it is called Backlink. A backlink is an incoming link coming to your webpage. The more backlinks a website or webpage has, the higher it’s rank in google.

Say in easy words, ‘There is a good rank website on which a lot of traffic comes every day. If the link of your website is given on the website of that good rank, then visitors click on your website and also come to your web-page, which increases both the traffic and rank of your website. This process itself is called Backlink.

Types of Backlinks:

A backlink can be understood completely only when you are also aware of its important terms, then know which are its terms.

  • Link Juice: When the link of a web page is linked to the homepage of your website, then the link flows from there to your website and this is called Link Juice. It helps to rank your website and improve the domain authority.
  • Internal Links: Links that go from one web-page of your website to another web page are called Internal Links.
  • Linking Root Domain: This is called a number of backlinks that come from the unique domain on your website.
  • No-follow Link: This link does not pass link juice from one website to another. This gives a natural look to your profile link.
  • Do-follow Link: This link allows link juice to be passed from one website to another. This helps in increasing the ranking of your website in google.
  • High-Quality Links: This link comes from the quality website. These types of links help in boosting the rank of your website.
  • Low-Quality Links: Links that come from a wrong site such as spam or porn site are low-quality links. This can harm your website, so whenever you use the backlink, link your blog to a high-quality link.
  • Anchor Text: The text that is used with a hyperlink is called Anchor Text. This is the most popular way to create a backlink that works the most.

Best Backlinking Sites to Build Backlinks to Your Website

I will list some of the social media websites to share your links. Try to post for every day a month and see the difference in your website traffic and the rankings.

Below 10 websites are the social bookmarking websites. This will act like a guest posting websites.

  1. https://bookmarks4u.online/
  2. https://4backlinks.online/
  3. https://activebookmarks.online/
  4. https://fastbookmarking.site/
  5. https://fastsocialbookmarking.site/
  6. https://mbookmarking.online/
  7. https://pbookmarking.online/
  8. https://freewebsubmission.online/
  9. https://freebookmarkingsubmission.online/
  10. https://fast.bookmarks4u.online/

Why is it important to include both Do-follow and No-follow backlinks?

The actual process of backlinks should be natural, but when you do it intentionally and the Do-follow links are more. Google easily understand that there is some activity going on to increase the DA intentionally.

Hence giving both Do-follow and No-follow in a good proportion makes it look natural.


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