10 Best Sports Arena Equipment To Have The Best Fan Experience


Living in such technologically advanced times has allowed us to see the amazing transformation in arenas. Aside from enhancing the in-person fan experience, adding technologically advanced equipment is allowing there to be online properties as well, so fans all around the world can enjoy. There are a few things that fans look forward to when they enter their local stadiums on game day: delicious fast food, beer, checking on their fantasy league, scratchy voices after yelling for their team, and most significantly, the opportunity to share these events on social media. Through the stadium or venue, we hope to promote these kinds of experiences. Here are the 10 best equipment that will take the fan experience to a whole different level.

4k Production For Stadium Displays

As we live in a technologically advanced world, almost every household has switched to 4k screens. A 4k screen that comes in four times clearer resolution than HD. They are one of the best options that you can have as they will deliver the fans the most detailed image seen from the last bleacher. The migration to 4k screens has already begun and they are a must in a lot of counties. The 4k technology available will allow you to have enhanced HD capabilities, therefore happier fans.

Having The Right Partner

Even though having a partner is not equipment, in a way it actually is. When you are choosing to cooperate with a quality partner, your fans will experience the most benefit. In order to have a world-class sports arena and equipment, you need to ensure that you are hiring a world-class parent to work with. Always ensure that you are building your team with engineers who will be able to deal with big changes such as creating the IT infrastructure, 5G connectivity as well as ensuring that the site is completely secure and comfortable for both athletes and fans.

New Seating Arrangements

90% of fans will be looking for unique seating areas as no one wants to sit on concrete benches. That is why updating the seating design will not only make your fans happier as well as increase your ticket sales as more people will want to come since the seating arrangements aren’t bad and uncomfortable. Many arenas are opting to reduce the seating capacity and installing different types of club spaces and seating areas. Having a premium setting that fans can choose from is key to running a successful sports arena.

Make Advancements In Lighting

Another very important enhancement that you should do when you’re looking to improve fan experience is the lighting. When it comes to traditional old lighting it not only looks quite ugly, it uses so much more power than LED does. When you are investing in LED systems, you will instantly light up the whole arena and give it that clean glow that is appealing to a lot of fans. It is also great to incorporate LED lights that can change colours as well as be choreographed. That way you will be able to choreograph them with music or the events to add more tension or lighten up the mood. LED sports lighting will look amazing and drastically reduce maintenance costs.

Creating An Environment Of Connectivity

Creating a great fan experience is something that requires time and commitment. That is why you need to ensure that people can use their phones to call, send pictures as well as FaceTime their friends during the game. You have to ensure that you have Wi-Fi that can support that many users at once. It will make the ultimate marketing move as all the fans will be able to use their social media and tag your arena in their posts. Something that you need to realise is that even if your arena holds 10,000 people, you will have more than 60,000 people registered to be using social media during the game. That is why you need to ensure that you are creating an environment of connectivity and help your fans promote your arena as well as share their time with their family and friends as well as other fans.

Numerous steps may be necessary to get spectators into the stands, which may cause conflict and detract from the overall stadium experience. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Fan Engagement Survey, the four main components of a positive fan experience are the foundation for most individuals. 13 The stadium needs to be secure, cozy, and spotless. Expectations should be satisfied by the view from the seats. People desire to watch games of a high calibre. They also anticipate a lively atmosphere inside the stadium. These four characteristics received an average weighting of 50% more from survey respondents than the next-closest criteria.

The Power of Wi-Fi 6

As we have mentioned above, having an environment where people can connect is important. The best thing that you can do is install Wi-Fi 6. For those who are not informed this is the newest version of Wi-Fi and it will drastically better the professionals as well as the overall experience for any fan that comes into your arena. When it comes to Wi-Fi 6 it will also improve your power consumption as well as the effects on the end devices which is amazing. That will ensure that every single fan that is in your arena will be able to access ticketing systems, and arena apps as well as share high-quality videos and pictures that just contribute to having an amazing time.

Using Data to Unite People Through Sport

The next phase of the arena project is including any VIP and skybox sections. You should also be coming out with new parking systems, more cashless points of sale, and further access control and security infrastructure. On top of that, you should also focus on adding a media control room for live streams and television and radio broadcasts. That will allow you to broaden up the fan base and give people all around the world a chance to be involved with your arena.

Ticket Buying Engagement

Fan’s journey begins with purchasing the tickets and then ticketing, where your teams can onboard them to arena services. Arenas, like music venues and movie theatres, are now requiring their fans to download tickets to their phone wallets, and then use their phones to come through the turnstiles. This is one of the best opportunities to encourage fans to install the team’s mobile app and walk them through its amazing functionality.

Keeping Your Fans Happy And Engaged

Fans will stomp your feet in rhythm and with 80,000 fans, you will need to ensure that everyone is safe and engaged. To ensure that they are happy and engaged you should have a camera stream broadcasting personal messages for any VIP ticket holders, LED lights blazing the team’s colours as well as creating highlight reels that will be distorted on social media as well as the screen.

Staying Connected With Fans After The Game

When the game is over instead of your fans instantly leaving, why not incorporate some things based on the interests of the fans? This will ensure that everyone will be engaged and connected. Make sure that you are adding things like stores where you can sell merch, bars or even food courts. Adding things like this to your arena will ensure that fans have a place to go even when it’s off-season.


As you can see, improving fan experience is not so hard, after all, it just requires some time and dedication.


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