10 Best Lightweight Mountain Bike Knee Pads That Are Good Quality


Mountain biking knee pads can protect your knee while you’re riding a mountain bike. They’re typically made of leather or plastic with a protective plate that covers the knee. Some are designed to stay in place, while others can be removed. Some even feature skid plates that prevent the knee pad from catching on the ground.

Dakine Slayer

The Dakine Slayer Knee Pads are a good choice if you’re looking for a lightweight mountain bike knee pad. They feature four-way stretch nylon/poly fabric and impact-sensitive foam. They also have silicone grip strips and odor control treatment.

The impact foam in the Dakine Knee Pads is made from Cordua Ariaprene Pro, a material that is miles more durable than Lycra. It also stretches to fit the wearer’s body and hugs the knee securely. The thick foam also has an excellent grip on your skin, which can be very uncomfortable for those who don’t like their knee pads to slip off in a crash.

Dakine Slayer Lightweight Mountain Biker Knee Pads are a great option if you want to ride on a budget. They offer excellent value for your money and are comfortable to wear. The knee pads aren’t bulky, wimpy, or uncomfortable, and they’re affordable enough that most riders can afford them.

The Dakine Slayer Lightweight Mountain Biker Knee Pads are good for both beginners and intermediate riders. They have a perfect fit, soft-touch materials, and good ventilation. They’re the best budget knee pad this year. They’re comfortable and durable, and they’re great for intermediate and long-distance rides.

POC Joint VPD 2.0

The POC Joint VPD knee pads incorporate POC’s trademark VPD, or viscoelastic polymer dough, which is a shock-absorbing medium. This type of material is lightweight and comfortable and allows for smooth pedaling.

The VPD knee pads weigh just a little over a kilogram apiece. They are designed to provide as much protection as possible without being too bulky or overly revealing. However, they can feel warm and heavy compared to their lighter counterparts, so they might not be ideal for summer trail riding. But they are a great choice for more abrasive riding. The POC knee pads come in several different sizes, and they are very durable.

The POC Joint VPD 2.0 is one of many top-rated knee pads. This model is designed to offer the best fit, and it offers a nice balance between protection and pedal friendliness. The padding and auxiliary foam protection work well to minimize the risk of injury. It is also extremely comfortable to wear and is ideal for casual riders who don’t push themselves too far. The knee pads are not bulky or uncomfortable to wear, and they do not chafe or irritate the skin.

A good pair of mountain bike knee pads can prevent injury and keep your knees comfortable. This pair features moisture-wicking material and a large cutout behind the knee to prevent sweating. This pad is also made from anti-bacterial fabric and has silicone grippers to hold it in place.

Chromag Rift

Chromag Rift Lightweight Mountain Bicycle Knee Pads are designed with comfort in mind. They feature an extra foam pad on each side of the knee. They are machine-washable, though it’s recommended that you wash them on a delicate cycle. They’re available in five sizes and meet EN 1621-1:2012 standards. 

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Chromag Rift knee pads are suitable for most types of mountain biking, but may not be the best choice for extreme XC or downhill riding. These knee pads are made of high-quality materials and offer a comfortable fit.

This pair of knee pads is CE-certified, meaning that they meet or exceed CE-standard requirements for quality. This standard is derived from a test originally used for motorcycle protection. To pass this test, a 5kg weight is dropped with 50 joules. The force is then measured after nine tests, and the average force must be less than 35 kN.

Chromag Rift Lightweight Mountain Bicycle Knee Pads are comfortable and protect the knees from impact, yet they are very lightweight and durable. The padding of this pair is thin and doesn’t chafe the skin. They are rated as a good value, but they are a bit on the expensive side.

Leatt Airflex Hybrid

The Leatt Airflex Hybrid mountain biking knee pads are a great choice if you’re looking for a good knee pad that is lightweight and comfortable. The design is slim and ventilated, so they’re perfect for trail and cross-country riding. They offer good protection for your knees in high-speed crashes.

This mountain bike knee pad has a gel insert that forms a base of protection, and the pre-curved AirFlex gel pad conforms to the shape of your knee, even if you’re riding on your knees. It also features hard plastic shells at the kneecap, which protect from impacts. AirMesh is also present on the back of the sleeve, which ensures maximum breathability.

The padding in the Airflex Hybrid pads is very comfortable and well-fitting. They only weigh 363 grams per set, making them a lightweight option that feels great on the trail. They also breathe well and are secured with silicone grippers.

Moreover, these pads are easily packable and can be thrown in your backpack when you aren’t using them. They also don’t cause excessive heat and are thin enough to fit under your jeans. Another advantage of these knee pads is their ergonomic fit. This eliminates the need for a break-in period and ensures that the knee pad fits perfectly while pedaling or bending your knee.

7iDP Sam Hill

7iDP’s Sam Hill Lightweight Mountain Bike KneePads offer high-quality protection for the knees. Designed with legendary racer Sam Hill, these pads feature plenty of padding and an extra long sleeve. The pads’ SAS Tech pads feel comfortable against the knee. The 7iDP Sam Hill Knee Pads are a great choice for riders who are looking for the best knee protection available. If you want to save more money on your next purchase, use the Sports & Outdoors Discount Codes.

The 7iDP Project was originally designed for high-level protection in DH competitions. But during its development, the company shifted the design to improve comfort and protection. The new version has a unique, lightweight chassis, a Sas-Tec pad inside, and an external, bonded hardshell. It also features a thigh strap for extra adjustability, and silicone grip strips on the inside of both cuffs.

These Knee Pads feature plenty of ventilation and airflow. They are also warmer and more comfortable than other knee protectors. They also feature POC VPD Air Layers, which keep the pants flexible but stiffen up to protect the knees during a crash.

Troy Lee Designs Speed Knee Sleeve

The Speed Knee Sleeve by Troy Lee Designs provides good quality, lightweight options for knee pads. It is made from 4mm D3O material, providing impact protection. Its 360-degree seamless construction keeps the pads in place comfortably. The design makes it easy to pedal while wearing knee pads.

The design of the Speed Knee Sleeve is simple but effective. Its padding provides high impact absorption for the knee and shin areas. The foam is removable and replaceable, and the fabric is breathable and fights odors. It also has a LoopLock closure for a secure fit. It is not as bulky as some other knee pads, so it’s great for riders who need the smallest knee pad possible. If you want to more details about knee pads benefits then visit the Sports Coupons.

The Speed Knee Sleeve is eleven inches long from top to bottom. It feels snug but does not restrict blood flow, and it retains its fit even after a few washes. It does lack a bit of adjustability, but there’s a silicone gripper band on the top opening for ease of fit. The 4mm thick D3O pad sits on top of the kneecap and extends to the shin.

Fox Racing PRO D30

The Fox Racing PRO D30 lightweight mountain bike knee pad is a good choice for riders who are looking for a quality and comfortable pair of knee pads. The D30 knee pad is flexible and molds to the shape of your knee. It doesn’t feel too restricted and has a silicone strip near the top that keeps it in place. It is also very comfortable and is well suited to long rides.

The back panel is made of MoistureCool mesh and features an extra large cutout behind your knee. The pads are comfortable and don’t bother you once you’ve worn them for a couple of hours. They also protect your knees from falling. However, there are a few drawbacks to this product, including their lack of sizing flexibility and tearing mesh.


These lightweight mountain bike knee pads are constructed of neoprene and polyester. This material ensures excellent ventilation while providing excellent impact protection. It also keeps moisture out, which is very important for protection. The pads also feature silicone gripper bands that help hold the pads in place without squeezing or chafing.


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