10 Best Gamification Plugins for Your WordPress Site


Gamification has become a useful technique in the online world. You can turn your website’s mundane into exciting challenges. Due to the massive and reliable WordPress community, this enticing method has become popular these days. Gamification is the way to go if you have to engage or encourage users to take your desired action. You can use this method on various WordPress sites. Some website types include blogs, e-commerce sites, portals, job boards, and affiliate websites, to name a few.

Overall, “gamification” can be used as much as you need on your WP site. However, first, you have to grasp what gamification is and how you can use it to its full effect.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is a technique that uses game aspects to improve corporate processes. It is a technique for implementing game design features and tenets in situations that aren’t game-related. These non-game contexts for WordPress are perfect for user-interactive websites such as learning management systems, lead generation websites, e-commerce websites, social communities, and many more. WordPress has already made creating your websites incredibly simple. What’s even great is that it has simplified the process of implementing gamification on any WordPress website.

Most of you are probably unsure how game components can be included in a learning management system, a BuddyPress website, badges in WooCommerce, or a WooCommerce-based website. Well! Gamification is much more than you might assume. Every game is created uniquely, as you are aware, yet most games follow some fundamental rules. Also valid for WordPress websites. Definable objectives, rules, barriers, win/loss criteria, badges, and many more are fundamental game design components that you can use on your WP site, even though they are all designed differently.

Powerpack Gamification Plugins You Need to Know

Here is a list of some of the best gamification plugins you can use on your WordPress site. Have a look and draw your conclusion about what is appropriate for you.

1.  myCred

myCred is a versatile point management system that you can use to create point-related applications for a WP site. It is one of the most well-liked and frequently updated gamification plugins for your WordPress site. The plugin is easy to use, has a few features, and makes it easy to keep track of user records and pints.

Users can also conveniently go through a dedicated log, which records all modification history, such as adding or taking away points. Knowing about your statistics, badges, ranks, accountability, and other information is quite handy, thanks to this log.

Popular WordPress plugins like Jetpack, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, etc., are supported by this one. The plugin’s hooks let you do tasks like inserting comments, making store purchases, and many other things. These hooks are simple to set up. This plugin can be used for online banking, community leaderboards, store rewards, and making money off of website content.

2.  GamiPress

GamiPress is the fastest and most reliable WordPress plugin for gamifying everything you need or want on your website in a matter of minutes. It enables you to give your users various medals and badges for participating on your website. You can also quickly organize the requirements, show what you’ve done, and choose from a number of different assessment tools to find out if each need has been met.

3.  MoolaMojo

Moolamojo, a virtual credit system, is another excellent plugin you can use to gamify and incentivize your website. This plugin makes it simple to thank your users for their contributions. You can use it to charge clients for virtual currency, buy virtual currency for real money, and reward users for various actions. It is also possible to assign user levels based on the points, and you can connect them with customized plugins and functions.

4.  BadgeOS

The BadgeOS plugin makes it simple to convert your WordPress website into a badging and achievement system. BadgeOS is a strong and flexible plugin with a wide range of paid features, such as reviewed submissions, submissions that are automatically approved, site activity, point thresholds, and more.

You can also specify an infinite number of achievement categories, design your badges, create shared badges, and do a lot more with this plugin.

5.  WP Opt-in Wheel

WP Optin Wheel gives your visitors the chance to win a discount or other prize by spinning the wheel of fate, which increases your email list and sales. It has nice default themes, holiday themes (like Christmas and Halloween), more than one wheel, and a lot of other things.

6.  Captain Up

Captain Up is another gamification plugin that lets you give your visitors points, badges, levels, and leaderboards right away. This gamification plugin for WP has a lot of features, such as the ability to make new badges, show activity widgets on your website, reward your customers, and work with mobile devices.

7.  Be Pro

You may use BePro Points to give people points for interacting with and using your website. This gamification plugin allows you to add, remove, and view every user activity on your website. For the most part, this WordPress plugin awards points for user involvement on your website.

8.  DeepMarkit

DeepMarkit is a convenient client acquisition tool that enables you to boost website traffic. By enabling daily, weekly, and monthly campaigns, this plugin will assist you in building a fully interactive online marketing website where you can grab users’ attention. Additionally, you can reward and encourage your users as they complete tasks. You may also gather information and insights about your users using this tool.

9.  KingSumo Giveaways

Authors frequently integrate KingSumo Giveaways into their websites to advertise their book giveaways and blogs. Businesses that organize giveaways on WordPress also use this gamification plugin. KingSumo Giveaways deploy quickly and are simple. You should use this gamification plugin if you want a good, affordable solution.

10.  WP Optin Wheel

Customers become excited when they win coupons. And WP Optin Wheel accomplishes that! By giving your site visitors the chance to win a discount by spinning the wheel, you can increase your email list or sales.

You can use a variety of pre-configured themes in this GDPR-ready, multilingual WordPress Plugin to engage your users. It gives you the option to record wins and losses in a different log file.

Last Word

Gamification is simple to apply on your WP site with these easy-to-use plugins. These plugins don’t simply add gamification to your website; they also offer additional premium features to boost user engagement and drive traffic to your business. Just download one of the WordPress plugins for gamification to turn your website into a fun place to play games.



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