10 Best Beaches In Hawaii To Soak Up The Sun And Have A Relaxing Vacation


Hawaii, the Pacific gem is ideal for a beach vacation far away from home. Be it a honeymoon or a fun-filled family holiday, Hawaii never fails to mesmerize tourists. Though the azure ocean and picturesque islands enhance the scenic charm of this Pacific island, what steals the show is the picturesque beaches in Hawaii. Some of the buzz with crowds, shacks, beach cafes, and bars, while few are quaint, serene, and a paradise for those searching for peace and privacy.

So, if you are fond of the sun, sea and water sports, delay no further, start planning for Hawaii beaches right away. And definitely go through our recommended beaches in Hawaii that you must visit.

Here is the list of the popular beaches in Hawaii before you take off.

1. Hanalei Bay Beach — If you’re looking for solitude and solemn quiet, this is the place to go.

Kauai Island is located in Hawaii.

Hanalei Bay Beach is one of Hawaii’s top swimming beaches, with a gorgeous backdrop of lush mountains. This 3-mile white sand beach, tucked away on Kauai Island’s northern coasts, is a gorgeous and tranquil hideaway for anyone seeking peace, seclusion, and privacy. This beach is great for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling because of the calm water and colorful coral reefs.

Best For: Surfing and snorkeling are the best activities.

2. Kaanapali Beach – Haven of water sports

Location: Maui Island, Hawaii

Kaanapali, as one of the top Hawaiian beaches, has everything that visitors are seeking for. This bustling beach sparkles with white sand and welcomes tourists throughout the year, with fancy hotels and resorts along the shore, golf courses, beach shacks, pubs, and restaurants. Furthermore, Kaanapali Beach is a hotspot for water activities, with notable highlights including cliff diving from Black Rock and ziplining with Kaanapali Skyline Eco Adventure for a breathtaking perspective of the beach and ocean.

Best for: Cliff diving and zip-lining

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3. Ko Olina Beach – The family-friendly beach

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Ko Olina Beach is one of the most pristine Hawaiian beaches, with quiet and shallow water ideal for family picnics with children. Swim, splash, and play in the water, sunbathe, and take in the spectacular sunset views. Aulani, the Disney Resort and Spa on the seashore, is undoubtedly a sight to behold and adds to the area’s appeal.

Best for: Sunset views

4. Waimea Bay Beach Park – Surfers paradise

Location: 61-31 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712

Waimea Bay Beach Park, tucked away on Oahu’s gorgeous shoreline, appears to be one of the most happening Hawaii beaches for surfers. It’s ideal for big wave surfing and swimming due to the weather and sea conditions. Surprisingly, a few popular surfing sites near the shore, such as Sunset Beach and Ehukai Beach, host world-class surf events like as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Best for: Wave surfing and swimming

5. Lanikai Beach – A colorful canvas

Location: Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, one of Oahu’s most beautiful beaches, is an ideal weekend escape in Hawaii. Lanikai Beach, which translates to ‘heavenly ocean,’ is known for its pebbly white sand and crystal blue ocean. This is the most popular destination for residents and tourists looking for a wild and fun-filled beach vacation. Enjoy adventurous snorkeling and kayaking, or relax in the sun and take in the breathtaking vistas. It’s entirely up to you!

Best for: Kayaking and snorkeling

6. Hapuna Beach – Your ‘go to’ fishing spot

Location: Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Hapuna is another popular beach in Hawaii, popular with both locals and visitors. Hapuna Beach, nestled on the Kona Kohala Coast, is a popular spot for day trips and beach picnics. Hapuna Beach is constantly touristy and lively, with a number of beach shacks and outdoor restaurants. When you’ve had your fill of relaxing and sampling local fare at these shacks, try out some fun sports like big game fishing and surfing to make the most of your vacation on one of Hawaii’s shallow beaches.

Best for: fishing, picnic

7. Tunnels Beach – Of stunning backdrop and exciting water sports

Location: Haena, Kauai, Hawaii

Tunnels Beach is one of the best family beaches in Hawaii, with a wide choice of water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving to keep you active all day. This beach has a unique moniker due to the volcanic caves beneath the sea level. It offers a picture-perfect backdrop of green forests and mountains. Tunnels Beach has something for everyone, from jet skiing to kite surfing to diving and angling.

Best for: Jet skiing, diving

8. Kahekili Beach Park – Sunbathe and rejuvenate

Location: Kaanapali, Hawaii

Kahekili Beach Park, a great beach in Hawaii for a picnic, beach BBQ, and adventure sports, is a location where the pleasure never stops. The beach is surrounded with comfortable beach loungers where visitors may relax, soak up the sun, and take in the spectacular views. Kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving are just a few of the water sports available. Try any of these thrilling sports to get your adventure-loving pulse pumping.

Best for: Lounging and relaxing

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9. Waikiki Beach – The best sunset view ever

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is two kilometers long and made up of dazzling white sand. Waikiki Beach is not just one of Hawaii’s most populous but also one of its most picturesque beaches, with endless opportunities for water sports and beach experiences such as canoeing, boogie boarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and sailing. And if you’ve completed all of these, don’t worry! You can also tan, relax, and take in some of the most stunning sunset vistas.

Best for: canoe paddling and surfing

10. Carlsmith Beach

Due to the abundance of vegetation and fauna, Carlsmith Beach is one of the nicest beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii. At this gorgeous beach, you’ll find a succession of peaceful lagoons whose water is fed by cool, freshwater springs. On the rocky beach coastlines, you’ll have several interactions with turtles. The bottom, though, is sand.

Best for: Viiting Carlsmith Beach Park

We are mentioning the best beaches in Hawaii that you must visit with your loved ones. Hope you enjoying this blog and giving some positive reviews.


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