10 Baking Mistakes While Baking a Birthday cake


10 Baking Mistakes While Baking a Birthday cake. Mistakes cannot simply be accepted if we are baking a birthday cake to surprise our loved ones. One thing about mistakes is we don’t knowingly end up committing them. Right? But we can be cautious/careful enough to avoid it, the next time, we are baking an appetizing as well as an appealing birthday cake. Otherwise, one can easily cover those mistakes up by ordering online and replacing it with another cake which would come along with cake delivery in Gwalior or whichever place that you are residing.

But by doing so, you wouldn’t be able to learn from those mistakes. 10 Baking Mistakes While Baking a Birthday cake So, here are a few notable mistakes that have been experienced by many amateurs as well as professional bakers, at some point in time. Read through this article and make sure to avoid these baking mishaps.

1. Choosing The Correct Baking Pan – Quite just the way if you don’t wear shoes of proper size and shape, you get blisters on your feet. Choosing the wrong baking pan can leave your hard work go all in vain. If you choose a small baking pan to accommodate too much batter, your cake will remain underbaked. And if you choose a bigger baking pan and the result will be quite its opposite – both of which would result in a disaster.

2. Neglecting The Parchment Paper – Often, we tend to neglect the importance of lining our cake with a parchment paper, which is said to be cake’s best buddy. Parchment paper will help to absorb the extra moisture and grease. Also, parchment paper will help you cut the cake into perfect slices without breaking into small crumbs.

3. Not Greasing The Pan Properly – If the cake batter is extra sticky, then you will need to grease your baking pans generously with some melted butter or baking spray. 10 Baking Mistakes While Baking a Birthday cake Then, further line up with parchment paper, for sure. Doing so, once your cake is well baked it will release itself easily from the baking pan.

4. Making Use Of Expired Leaveners – Always check the expiration date of the leaveners before putting them into use. If they have crossed their expiration date then they won’t have the leavening effect while baking, which might end up making your birthday cake stiff or tight. The cake won’t rise and have a desirable shape and texture, if one uses an expired leavener.

5. Not Taking Care Of The Air Bubbles – Don’t let your cake batter be full of air bubbles as they might end up creating holes and cracks in your birthday cake, once you bake it. To ensure the same, tap the baking pan after pouring the cake batter in it. Doing so, it will burst the air bubbles and level out the cake batter from the surface.

6. Setting The Batter Aside For Too Long – After leavening the cake batter and setting it aside, make sure to keep a check on the time. It is advised to directly place the batter after having added the leavener inside the preheated oven. But in case you need to prep up your pan meanwhile, make sure to make it fast. The faster, the  better!

7. Not Paying Attention To The Specified Measurements – It’s all in the portions, when it comes to baking a perfect pound of birthday cake. So, make sure you don’t disobey or neglect the specified measurements mentioned over the recipe.

8. Not Bringing Some Ingredients To Room Temperature – We know the baking procedure takes too much of our time and most of the time, we get tempted away with it. But the need to bring some ingredients into room temperature before putting them into use is extremely important. Take for example, when we use dairy products at room temperature, they tend to emulsify to capture air and thereby, give our cakes a fluffy texture.

9. Not Mixing The Batter Well – Make sure, each and every ingredient used is well combined into a dough before putting it inside an oven. The uncombined chunks of some ingredients can affect the texture of the cake which won’t be qualifying your cake as even close to being perfectly baked. So, watch out!

10. Mixing The Batter Too Much – Over Mixing the batter is one of the most important yet neglected mistakes. It gives rise to gluten or stretchiness in the cake batter. Hence, one needs to combine the ingredients until it looks and seems like it is “well-combines”, just that!

So, these were some of the common baking mistakes that you need to look after as you bake a birthday cake for your beloved by pouring all your love. We know you wouldn’t leave any stones unturned to make your loved one’s birthday super special which is why it becomes quite unnecessary to mention the importance of remembering these points.


Happy Baking To All! 🙂


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