10 Additional Exam Preparation Tips for IAS Aspirants.


The exam calendar of UPSC has been announced for the year 2021. The Civil Services examination preliminary is going to be held on June 27, 2021. The Civil Services examination is conducted annually by the Union Public Service Commission in three stages. For more details about the exam and the pattern, follow the Best IAS Academy in Bangalore

The exam preparation of UPSC Civil services can get really challenging if not followed with a plan. But it is not just the study plan that will help the aspirants sail through the examination. One may study to their last breath and fail to clear an examination. What is there that lacks?

This article is an attempt to answer that ever fleeting question. You can also get your doubts cleared by the eminent team of the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore. Following up, 10 additional and important tips that can help an aspirant in their preparation are as follows:

  1. Know your Purpose: You should be clear in your head about what you want from this exam. you should be willing to dedicate yourself in achieving the same. The toppers in the Best IAS Coaching Institute in Bangalore have taken sessions which can give aspirants a further push.
  2. Be disciplined: While in your preparation days, forget about skipping meals, staying up late for night and procrastination. You should learn to be disciplined in your life. A disciplined life is a successful life. Joining a class and a test series in UPSC coaching classes in Bangalore will give you a purpose to be disciplined.
  3. Change of habits: You should start indulging in habits that are useful for you. Daily newspaper reading, listening to debates and discussions, easy writing, physical exercise and eating healthy are some of them. You can also subscribe to daily newsticles provided by the Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore.
  4. Be around your peers: An often overlooked aspect in UPSC exam is the benefit of being around an alike crowd. It gives you a healthy competition. It also motivates you in a good way.
  5. Indulge and Interact: A debate and discussion with your friends on the burning issues will always enhance your knowledge. It doesn’t mean a mindless argument, just a healthy discussion on solutions and recommendations. You can also have a look on the discussion forum of Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka. 
  6. Avoid social media: As informative as it is, social media can be really engaging. It eats up unnecessary time. It is advisable to not use social media at least in your study hours.
  7. Use your own books: The main course books of UPSC are really expensive and can seem unaffordable for a considerable number of aspirants. The new editions keep adding up the cost. But it is always recommended to use your own books. For you will have to read it again and again. You can also prefer the study material from the Best UPSC Coaching in Bangalore.
  8. Make notes on your own: It might seem really energy draining at first. But the personal notes are going to be of great help in the later phase of your preparation. They will help you in revising more efficiently. 
  9. A day for revision every week: Revision is the key in UPSC exam preparation. It helps you in retaining the studied topics. Regular revision is needed so that the aspirants do not forget the previously learnt topics. The marathon series of Civil Service Coaching Centres in Bangalore are really helpful.
  10. Be Consistent: It is very important to be consistent in your preparation. Study a little but study daily is what it means. Consistency and hard work are the two main essentials of UPSC CSE preparation. 

Apart from the above tips, aspirants should not forget the relevance of IAS exam syllabus and daily targets. UPSC requires a long term study plan. Its vast syllabus makes it a little difficult to keep up. In that scenario, aspirants should follow the approach of breaking the goals. You break down your goals and achieve them in parts. The team in the top ranked IAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore is always there to help the aspirants in choosing a suitable approach for them. Hope the article helps!


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